Happy Birthday Galcom!

Co-Founders 2009

A few weeks ago, Galcom International celebrated its 27th birthday!  Have you ever wondered how this ministry started?  Well, here is a look back…

In 1985, God brought together three men that were in different circumstances.  One was a business man in Florida, one was a man in Israel who, with his wife, had just established a tent-making ministry manufacturing cell phone antennas.  The third was a man in Canada and was the Canadian director of Christian ministry there.

These three men knew nothing of each other but unbeknownst to them were burdened at the same time how to reach the unengaged people groups of the world for Christ.

The man in Canada was Allan McGuirl.  He had recently made a trip to Kenya and had been given the idea from God to provide a solar powered radio for people in remote villages around the world who needed to hear the Gospel.  During this same time, God had spoken to the man in Israel, Ken Crowell, about radio, as a medium which could and would reach the surrounding world with the Gospel.  The third man, in Florida, was a business man and finally the three men met and hammered out what is Galcom International today.  Of course, technology is changing at a breakneck speed and Galcom has been at the forefront of these changes!

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