The Promises of God, Part 5

Allan 2

The Promises of God, Part 5 by Allan McGuirl

We have been going through a series on the Promises of God and how God cares for us.  Let me share one verse that I am sure you are very familiar with.  Philippians 4:19 says, “And my God will meet all your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus.”  What does this verse mean to you?  It is saying God will watch over you, care for you, protect you and give you wisdom in time of trouble to find an answer.  Let me give you a short story of how my God will “meet all your needs” – no matter what.

Back in December of 1999, just before the turn of the century, the airlines were giving great specials on flights because many people were afraid to fly.  I’m sure many of you remember the “Y2K” scare.  At that time I was preparing to install a 2,000 watt FM station in Oouagadougou, Burkina Faso, West Africa.  I got a great deal on a flight for December 30th for the transatlantic flight to Paris arriving early on the 31st.  With a long stop-over there, I arrived in Burkina Faso tired and hungry.  Pastor Michelle welcomed me and provided me with a Coke for the drive to the guest house.  He suggested I have some rest and then he would pick me up around 9:00 for a Watchnight Service for New Year’s Eve.

Bringing in my tools and suitcase, I saw the bedroom.  It had a double bed with one sheet on it, no blanket, and a huge oversize cushion for a pillow.  I settled in, rested for a while and then wandered down to the guest-house kitchen.  There was no one in sight, so I was wondering what to do for supper.  My wonderful wife had given me some packages of raisins, peanuts, cashews, almonds, granola bars and dried apricots, so I had a snack, thinking there will probably be food at the church service at 9:00.  I attended the worship service but there was nothing served for a snack, and nothing to drink.  The pastor dropped me off around 1:00 a.m. and said breakfast would be at 8:00.  I was looking forward to that!

The next morning at 8:00 a.m., I was in the dining hall with two other American missionaries for breakfast.  Just then a man appeared in the kitchen and said, “Sorry, no breakfast today, come back at noon.  If there’s no one here, just help yourself.” I was thinking that the Lord has promised to supply our needs according to his riches in glory.  So back to my room I went and enjoyed some more of the snack food my wife had packed.  Normally, she only puts in a few things, but this time she had packed quite a bit extra – how did she know?  I was very thankful and decided I would definitely be in the kitchen by 12:00 noon.  After spending some time working on the plans for the station install I made my way to the kitchen; there was only one other fellow there – no one else was around.  I looked in the fridge and there was an old dried up cabbage and a bare soup bone.  Now, Lord, you promised to meet our need.  It was more than 24 hours since I had had a meal.  Back to my room I went carefully rationing out the remaining snack foods.  I had a rest and continued working on the plans for the station.

At around 4:00 p.m., Pastor Michelle dropped in saying, “Hi, Allan, how is everything?”  I didn’t tell him I had had to put my coat over me at night to keep warm because in this desert country it can get very cool at night, but I did bring up the matter of no food.  He apologized when he realized it was a holiday and the staff were not there.  He took me down to a roadside restaurant – if you could call it that.  Reading from the French menu, I ordered chicken noodle soup.  Pastor Michelle asked for barley soup.  When it arrives I look down at it and there were very fine stringy noodles and little orange rings floating on top.  “Oh,” he said, “That’s chicken foot soup, do you like that?”  Wow, as hungry as I was I really wanted to say, “No!”  He saw my hesitancy and asked if I would like to trade.  The thick barley soup looked very inviting, so I took him up on his offer.  Soon my stomach was a little more settled.  The ten days I was in Burkina Faso, I averaged about one meal a day.  The Lord did supply my need according to His riches in glory.  We have been so blessed in North America. Let us never complain when we realize the situation in other lands.  We got the 2,000 watt station up and running, although we had one challenge with it.  Our one big transmitter had been shipped ahead and the curious recipients of the shipment had opened up all the boxes and emptied everything in a huge heap all over the cement floor.  As I prayed for wisdom to put everything back together, I was thankful that it was cement and not a dirt floor.  Nuts, bolts, screws, etc. all gradually found their rightful place – thank you, Lord.  And praise God that this radio station has been sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ for the past 15 years.


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