Facts That Make You Go Wow!

Did you know?world3

775 million people of the world cannot read (The Globe and Mail).
Approximately 1 billion have little or no access to the Gospel.

And of course there are missionaries.  They are incredibly important because they can spread the Gospel in a human form but most missionaries get tired and need furlough, a time to go home and recharge and at some point, they even retire, but Galcom International’s little radios (missionaries in their own right!) need no break at all.  In fact, a funny story that came back to the head office was about a radio that got thrown onto a roof by a man because he didn’t want to listen to it or have anything to do with the radio’s Christian message.  However, God used that little radio because upon landing on the roof of the building, the radio got stuck on the play position and just kept playing (probably much to the chagrin of the gentleman!)

There are a GREAT number of people groups that are totally unreached in the world, with some that have never heard the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Now for some good news…Galcom International has distributed radios in a large number of different countries.  Each radio can reach 8 people (it’s like the 1980’s shampoo commercial…”and they’ll tell two friends and those friends will tell two friends and so on…”).   We are always getting testimonies at the office about how these radios have touched lives and led people to Christ, both through great Bible teaching from the local Christian radio station and the audio Bible that is installed in these radios.

Radios can reach anyone from the person that cannot read, to the person that has no Bible in their language. A radio can make the difference!

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