A Must Read

Waves of Hope  - book cover.JPGIn honor of Galcom’s 25th Anniversary, Rev. Allan McGuirl, one of Galcom International’s founders, wrote a book which has become a popular read, so much so that he had to commission another printing.

Allan McGuirl is a skilled storyteller and in the book he weaves the story of his life from his early years to his desire to serve God and the way that God impressed upon his heart to start Galcom.

God has led many to learn about Galcom’s ministry because of this book. The book also
tells of Allan’s many trips to numerous continents throughout the world, sharing Galcom radios and God’s message of forgiveness. Even his wife and children have stories to tell which are included in the book.

Here is an excerpt from the book about reaching far east island of Micronesia:

“It’s lunch time and the natives on the island invite us for lunch.  In their living room is no furniture, just some cardboard on the floor.  We sit on this leaning against the wall, I look into the kitchen where a lady is squatted down cooking over a little stove.  I’m not sure what I ate but I have learned to ask no questions.  They brought in two coconuts and with one quick chop of the machete, they cut off one end, just like that, and we had fresh coconut milk to drink.  Have you ever tried to drink out of a coconut shell without slobbering down your shirt?  Quite a challenge!  People were delighted to receive the GALCOM radios we brought and fascinated at how they worked.  As we traveled back, we committed the harvest from these radios into the Lord’s hands.”


If you are interested in receiving Waves of Hope, contact the office at 1-877-242-5266.


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