Stuffed Animals Bring The Story of Jesus to Children

What child here in North America doesn’t like a stuffed animal?  Imagine a child in another country who has AIDS or another serious illness, or a young girl that has been devastated by sexual abuse. What steps do you take to comfort these children?  How do you reach a child with the Gospel that speaks a different dialect than you?

Well, Galcom just happens to have a way!  They are called Wildlife Storytellers.  These are cute and cuddly stuffed bears, tigers and bears that can be loaded with a number of languages from across the globe and tells the recipient about God’s love and care for them as an individual.

Megavoice has created these unique and cuddly vessels to spread God’s love, care and forgiveness to children (and even adults) who would otherwise perhaps not be interested in hearing the Gospel due to the trauma that they have experienced.

Stuffed animals also bring about the comfort which promotes healing.  Several studies have shown that stuffed animals help children to cope with trauma.  Imagine doubling this effect with the Gospel!

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