The Impact of Galcom Radios in Kenya

Mission Baptist Church, Hamilton, Ontario, sent a team of seven men to Kenya for a mission’s trip from November 18 to December 2nd, 2015. The team took Galcom International radios with them. Because the radios were not enough for everybody, the team leader, David Tarus, a Kenyan student at McMaster Divinity College, suggested that the team give the radios to elderly people who might be too sick to go to church or are unable to read scripture for themselves. As the photos below show, several elderly people received the radios. The following are some of the many beautiful stories of God’s impact through the radios.

Batiem (Grandma) Bot Irene of Bomet County in Southern Kenya, is one of the beneficiary of Galcom fixed-tuned radios. She was one of the first Christians in her village and was instrumental in planting “Africa Gospel church.”  She is now over 90 years old and her health does not allow her to go to her beloved church. Her eyesight has also deteriorated and she cannot read the Bible anymore. Nowadays, in her normal day to day life, one of her grandchildren would spread a mat for her under a tree where she would be sitting for the whole day (see photo). Her only source of entertainment was watching people come and go and perhaps listening to the birds sing and the cows mooing. But with the generous gift of Galcom radios, Batiem Bot Irene can now listen to scripture and Christian teachings from the two Christian channels she is able to access. Whenever relatives and neighbors come to visit her, she proudly shows them her dear radio, and together they listen to the radio and share the word of God. Her friends are now asking her where she got the radio so they can have one for themselves. There are only four Galcom radios in the entire village. We hope one day there would be more radios so that God’s people can listen to God’s Word.


Agui Busienei is also over 90 years old and lives in Eldoret in Western Kenya. He is a dedicated Christian. He has served most of his life as an elder in the church. He is a dedicated evangelist and a mission minded person. However, because of age, his ability to witness to his peers and to go to church has slowly faded away. When David Tarus, the leader of the MBC mission trip, went to visit him and to give him the fixed-tuned radio, Busienei was so happy that he hugged David. It is so rare that a respected mzee (Swahili: elderly person) would hug a young man. It is not culturally acceptable. Busienei’s son, Joshua, lives here in Hamilton, Ontario. David recently asked him how his dad is enjoying listening to God’s Word, and he said that his dad doesn’t put the radio down. He loves it. He is truly grateful for it because now he can listen to God’s Word. Initially, he would ask his grandchildren to help him switch through the various channels or Bible chapters and verses. Now he does it by himself. He goes everywhere with his radio. In fact the radio has become a new means of witnessing to others. Since Agui Busienei carries it wherever he goes, he sometimes goes to the village town and sits with his friends and listens to God’s Word together. The radio is making a big impact not only in his life but also in the lives of others.


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