A Day in the Life

A typical day around Galcom International starts with corporate prayer (and devotions).  In fact, the whole ministry has been founded on prayer!  We not only pray for our corporate needs, we pray for each other in the Galcom ‘family’ and we even pray for people who send in prayer requests. (Yes, you read that right!  If you would like us to pray for you, send your email requests to cheryl@galcom.org)

img_1429After our devotions and prayer, it is right to work.  Because we are a small staff, everyone’s job is important, many people that are new to hearing about Galcom International are not
aware that we assemble radios right onsite in our Hamilton, Ontario office.  Along with the staff members who make radios, we are also blessed to have a number of faithful volunteers that come in to help us as well!  Quite often, we have a group of volunteers come in from a church or a school img_20160524_155314to help make radios.  We even take Galcom International on the road and bring supplies for making radios to churches or schools, so they can make radios at their location.

That is not to say that we are all about work with no fun here at Galcom.  We have fun too!  We have barbeques and potluck dinners and other fun events which makes our Galcom team closer, but our main focus is to get radios into that hands of people who need to hear the Gospel!  In fact, that is why Galcom is here.  The three men that founded Galcom had a vision and the staff, with God’s leadership and help, have learned how to run with it.



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