God’s Love For Kenya

There is an interesting story about Albert, a 90-year-old man who was a village elder.  He met a missionary from Canada when he was a teenager. This woman missionary came to Eldoret in Kenya, and Albert was saved through her ministry.  In later years, Albert learned that she was ill and raised enough money to come to Canada and visit her.

Let’s fast forward to 2015. A group of men from Mission Baptist Church in Hamilton went to Eldoret on a missions trip, met this man and heard his story (see the earlier blog – The Impact of Galcom Radios in Kenya).  The team asked him where his missionary friend was from, only to find out that this lady, who had the courage to travel alone to Kenya during the 1940’s, was from our very own city of Hamilton, Ontario.  Albert was given a Galcom radio so that he could hear the Gospel teachings from the local Christian radio station and hear the Bible in his own languages of Kalenjin and Swahili.

Connected to the story of Albert is the intriguing fact that one of Galcom International’s founders, Allan McGuirl, was inspired to build the GO-Ye solar radio in Kenya during the 1980’s.  Three large radio ministries had developed the “World By 2000” campaign, a plan to cover the entire world with Christian short-wave broadcasts by the year 2000. Allan thought this was a wonderful plan, but while in a remote Kalenjin village in Kenya he saw people who were needy, with no money, no radios and no electricity but with a definite need to hear the Gospel. It was during the Ethiopian famine and there was such poverty; there was no way these people had money to buy radios and batteries.  He realized that the world could be covered 3 times over with Christian broadcasts, but if no one owned a receiver they would never hear the message of Christ. When Allan got back to Canada, through much prayer, he developed the first fix-tuned solar radio. Following this, Galcom International came to be in 1989.

Without missionaries who are willing to go to faraway lands and without Allan McGuirl visiting Kenya, Albert would not have come to faith and would not be able to be discipled through a Galcom radio.

For Galcom’s history, check out our website at www.galcom.org

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