Volunteering at Galcom

One of Galcom International’s unique volunteers is Ken Tompkins.  Ken has been volunteering full-time with Galcom for a number of years and processes all the audio files on site that are used for Galcom players.


After a request is made for a specific language, he first finds the audio from various websites and numbers it in the proper sequence. For the ImpaX radio, he will take either .wav or .mp3 files and first convert them into .flac (lossless) files, and then into .ogg files using a program called Stylus. Once they are in the right format the files are duplicated onto micro SD cards which are put into the back of the ImpaX radio players.

For audio Bibles, he takes .mp3 files and writes them onto the on-board memory of the player using a little program called Utility Programmer. Over the years Ken has gathered audio on thousands of languages and dialects, and now has full Bibles in more than forty languages, and the New Testament in hundreds.

He has access to teaching material that can be used along with the audio Bibles, such as J. Vernon McGee’s five-year radio program, “Through the Bible”. For pastoral training, there is also a program called “Mini Bible College”. These programs have been translated into many languages. Ken also has Bible stories and programs for children that can be utilized.

As you can tell, Ken, like all our volunteers, plays a crucial part in Galcom’s mission of proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ

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