A Heart for the Lost

As the saying goes, “you are what you eat.” If that is true, are you what you love? Are you that for which you have a heart, or even a burden? A burden sounds like something that could be heavy and painful. One could also call it a concern, or even an accountability that one feels towards someone or something else.

I would think that it is safe to say that many Christians have said that they have a heart or a burden for the lost, which is why some become missionaries and travel to foreign countries to share the Good News. Jesus desires that everyone hears about His love and forgiveness.

Not everyone can travel to a foreign land, nor can everyone donate funds to spread the Good News, but everyone has the ability to pray. At Galcom International we receive a large number of requests for radios or for assistance in installing a radio station, but we cannot always oblige.

At Galcom, prayer is essential to our ministry. In fact, we start every day with prayer, as was written in an earlier post.  Prayer is something that you can do to get involved in Galcom’s ministry. As a friend told me when I was going through a crisis, praying was the least he could do – but also the most he could do.

You can pray for the people that have received a radio Jpeg(Galcom has sent out over 1 million radios over the past 27 years that we have been in ministry). You can also pray for the radio station installations that Galcom has participated in as well. We are constantly in prayer that the necessary funds come in to supply the radios and parts needed for a radio station. Pray too, that the parts needed for radio assembly come in when anticipated; shipping delays can throw production into turmoil. God is good and supplies our needs, sometimes in miraculous ways!

And lastly, please pray for Galcom’s staff who are on the “front lines,” that God will meet their needs as they seek to serve Him in this ministry.


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