Haiti Hears The Gospel

One of Galcom’s partners for spreading the Gospel is in Haiti.  4VEH radio is the “Evangelistic Voice of Haiti”  In the late 1940’s God planted a vision in the heart of Rev. G. T. Buston to start a Christian radio station in Haiti which was called La Voix Evangélique d’ Haiti and by 1950, the station was on the air. Years have passed and Rev. Storly Michel and his wife Kate currently run the station. Many testimonies have been shared of lives being changed and renewed by hearing the Gospel from this radio station. The station not only presents the Gospel but relays important health and safety information and other practical help that is important to Haitians.

Many trips to Haiti have been made by Galcom staff members along with other people who have a heart for the people of Haiti in order to distribute Galcom radios so Haitians can tune into 4VEH and hear life changing messages.  Please pray for these Haitians who have received Galcom radios that their hearts will be touched by the words that they hear.


Here is a testimony from Richard, who says “Radio 4VEH is doing this, as it shares the Gospel, as we listen…things that have changed me, changed my life.  I can say the person I am today is because of what I’ve heard on 4VEH.”

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