A Story from Guatemala

Last year, some of Galcom International staff led a trip to Guatemala to distribute solar powered audio Bibles.

God led the group to travel to a remote village on the border of Guatemala and El Salvador.  The team was handing out radios to a group of villagers and one of the team members noticed a blind gentleman sitting off to the side by himself. The team member gave this man a solar powered audio Bible in his native language, which was Spanish.  During the explanation of how to use the audio Bible, the man stood up and held the audio Bible in the air and said, “Now we know that God has not forgotten us here.”


Wow, what a powerful statement!  God longs for everyone in the world to know Him, but how can they know God’s love for them if they have never heard about it?

Galcom International wants to assist not only missionaries who are proclaiming the Gospel in distant lands,   but anyone, anywhere, that has a desire to see souls saved.  We can make 1 audio Bible or 1,000 audio Bibles in any language.


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