4 Reasons You Should Go On A Mission Trip

“If you’ve never been on a mission trip…you really are missing out.” (This was said by a woman who just returned from a Galcom International mission trip to Haiti.)

What is so special about going on a mission trip, you ask? Well, here are a few thoughts on why going on a mission trip is important and why everyone (if you have the chance) should go:

1. Because you are a foreigner, chances are that people will remember you and the kindness you brought as well as the message you have shared.

2. Because of the type of mission trips that Galcom partim-in-haiti-146ticipates in: with Galcom, it
generally means that you are taking radios with you and will be handing them out. Long after you are gone, these people will still have a radio to listen to. They will be able to continue to grow in faith through their radios.

3. A mission trip will enable you to use your God-given skills. If you are crafty like me, you can use your crafting abilities to make bracelets with the local children using the colours of the wordless book which has a different colour on each page, showing the way of salvation. Do you have engineering or electrical abilities? You can help install a radio station or tower, and so a comfort with heights would be helpful.

4. And finally, for a slightly more selfish reason: the effect that going on a mission trip will have on you!  Traveling to a foreign country will make you see the world in a different light. You will make some friends! You will be able to share your faith, not only in words, but in actions as well.

And during the aftermath of the trip, when you come home, you will be much more grateful for all that you have and have access to. It could also possibly change your relationship with God. A mission trip not only beneficial to the people that you are ministering to, in whatever country you travel to, but it can be a valuable experience for you as well.

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