A World of High Adventure

One of Galcom International’s partners is High Adventure Gospel Communications.  Galcom has worked closely with High Adventure to supply radios to people who need to hear the Gospel. Almost since its onset, Galcom has been sending radios to different parts of the world through High Adventure.

High Adventure began in 1979 as an outreach to the Middle East through radio. High Adventure Canada’s radio ministry has grown over the years to become a global shortwave broadcasting system, broadcasting under its Bible Voice Broadcasting signature.

High Adventure’s tag line is “On the air and on the ground”, meaning they broadcast the Gospel in a few counties like Uganda in Africa and the Middle East. High Adventure also works with the people in these countries.

Their latest newsletter is from Uganda, where they have been ministering recently.

“Our Christian friends in Kampala had been gathering good used clothing so we might carry them to the refugee community. Our Canadian friends had sent support for books, pencils, Bibles and clothing also. Our American friends also sent considerable support so the (Galcom) Impax radios might be given to people who could not afford a radio. And as we distributed these items, we were so blessed! But nothing compares to the sweet savor left by the presence of God in changed lives!”


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