Solar Audio Bible Gives Blind Man Hope

Scott Beigle is a Galcom International partner, working in Kenya is the president of Imani Radio and TV Ministries in that country. Scott had the opportunity to visit a church there some time ago and took some Galcom audio Bibles with him. Also attending the church that day, was a young man named Caleb. Caleb is a 16 year old who is partially blind and not able to read the Bible. However, his desire was to do just that. Caleb grew up in a very poor household in a remote part of Kenya and his parents were unable to send him to a school for the blind. While visiting the church, Scott gave Caleb the solar power radio that contained a Swahili audio Bible. This radio gave him hope and changed his life.

Later, Scott was invited back to minister at this church and when he came, he again saw Caleb. Caleb was asked to give his testimony that day, and began by saying that his dream was to read the Bible by himself and it has come true due to his listening to the Bible in Swahili through his audio Bible. He went on to recite the Book of Genesis word for word. Following this, Caleb continued back to his seat and took a chicken out from under it.  He announced to the church, that he wanted to bless Scott because the solar powered radio had greatly changed his life. Scott said that he could not hold back his tears as Caleb comes from a poor family and for him to donate that chicken is like the parable of the widow’s mite found in Luke 21:4 (and Mark 12:41-44) where the widow donated two small coins which was all she had. Jesus went on to explain to his disciples that the sacrifices of the poor mean more to God than the wealthy who donate their surplus wealth. Caleb did just that by donating the chicken and it was all because of a little solar powered audio Bible.


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