Radio in Greenland

Rev. Allan McGuirl met a YWAM missionary, Errol Martin, at a Vancouver Missionfest, and after learning about Galcom International, Errol became interested in using radio to extend the reach of the Gospel throughout the island of Greenland.  While Greenland is the largest island in the world, it is the least populated. The population of 60,000 is mainly Inuit with the rest of the population being predominately Danish. Out of that population, there was, only 2% of Christian at that time.

Errol immediately saw the potential of Christian radio broadcasting God’s message throughout the island.  Most of the communities of Greenland are separate from each other.  This is because there are no roads between these communities due to the terrain and the many fjords along the coast and because of the lack of agriculture and forestry throughout the island.


Errol referred Allan to Pastor John Nielson in Nuuk, the capital city of Greenland who had a small congregation there. After 8 long years of praying, Pastor John was finally granted a license and by 2009, he and his team were on the air. Galcom International was able to assist him, with the help of a group from the Faroe Islands, to set up a Christian radio station in Nuuk.  Now the percentage of Christians in Greenland have shot up to almost 5% (Joshua Project).

Since then, staff from Galcom have travelled up to Greenland and installed 11 repeater stations. Pastor John recently sent us a testimony about a gentleman who has been listening to the station that we were able to help with in order to reach the unreached people of Greenland.

“Two weeks ago Silas was baptized in our church.

Silas is a Taxi driver and sometime in 2013 he was listening to the Christian radio in Nuuk. He liked listening to the Christian station. Then one day, he had to drive a person up to our church, and he became curious and decided to look inside.

He found it interesting and stayed! Then he continued to come to the meetings and one day – don’t know when, he was saved. Then he decided to be baptized.

So now we have another new Christian saved through the radio work. Praise God!!”

Praise the Lord that Christian radio is being used to reach the people of Greenland for Him!

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