Lighthouse Radio in Belize

Clive Welsh runs Lighthouse Radio in the town of San Pedro in Belize and back in October, Galcom International was blessed to have him as the guest speaker at our banquet. While here in Canada, Clive mentioned that he was experiencing transmission problems and so while the team were in Belize they were able to find and repair the problem, which was with one of the antennas.  Besides that task, the men also diagnosed a problem with the generator and with the transfer switch. Clive is waiting for parts to come in so that the next person can finish the

Following that, it continued to be a busy time for the 5 men.  On one of the days while there, they had an opportunity to share about Galcom in two schools on the neighboring island of Caye Caulker.  The first was a charter school being run by North Americans to meet the need on the island for those that wanted to study beyond 8th grade. The team was able to challenge the students to look for solutions to the problems around them by using the radio as an example of how solar energy is used to produce the power needed to run them in areas where there may not be affordable electricity. The second school was a grade school and the men were able to talk to the students in each of the classes about the Lord and how He cared for each of them.

On another day, they shared in a local church and then distributed radios in the area around the church. It was a very poor part of the island where the inhabitants were actually having to reclaim land from the sea by using anything they could find as fill; it 15355747_10157907976655302_167847449893929965_nlooked very untidy as often old mattresses and discarded items were being used. The people were very thankful for the radios and for the message of hope that they proclaimed.  This was the second poor area that a distribution of the little missionaries was made on the island.

One evening on their way home from a Christmas presentation, Alastair and John met a blind man who gladly received one of the radios. He had been a follower of Christ for many years and shared how just after becoming a believer he was attacked by a man with a machete who struck him across the head, blinding him instantly. He said that the only thing that keeps him going some days is his relationship with the Lord. Now he will be able to listen to God’s Word each day on his radio.

With the repairs to the station, the signal was now able to reach Caye Caulker. Clive recounted how a man had dropped by the station to say that his mother, who lived there, could now hear the station and was also able to listen to the Bible on her ImpaX radio/audio Bible in Spanish. Each one of the radios the team took into Belize had a Bible with both English and Spanish recorded on it.


Praise the Lord for these Galcom radios and for Lighthouse Radio.

If you are interested in going on a mission trip, please contact us.

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