God Works in Amazing Ways

32. Thanks be to God. Now we can hear His voice

Sometimes God works in a person’s life, long before they go to a foreign field to reach out to others. Recently, John*, a fellow who was planning to join a group which would be taking Galcom International ImpaX audio Bibles overseas, shared that for two years or so he had a struggle each time he thought about doing such a thing… joining a short-term missions team. “Really, do you think you could do that?”  John said to himself. “Not likely.”

His family encouraged him to go, but those haunting words came to him again,” Someone like you couldn’t do that, who do you think you are?” He had the desire to go on a mission trip, but he lacked the confidence to follow through.

During this time, some friends sent an email to John mentioning a need for 2 people to join an upcoming mission trip team.  This time, the question came to John’s mind that “maybe God is trying to tell me something; but He wouldn’t really care if I went or not.”

John talked with his friends and they encouraged him to follow through and inquire about the mission trip. To his surprise, the idea began to appear as something that just might happen, at least the beginning was doable. Excitement was beginning to rise up inside of him.

John began to think that he should have his affairs in order prior to going on this mission trip.  He thought a will might be good to have.  He remembered that he had met a man who was a lawyer, so he contacted him to write up a will.  Several days later, the lawyer called John up and invited him to go kayaking, something he really enjoyed doing.

While meeting with this lawyer, the topic came up regarding John thinking about going on a short-term mission team to hand out Galcom’s ImpaX radios. This idea stirred the heart of the lawyer, who wanted to know more details. This, in turn, led to the lawyer desiring to be part of the outreach by writing off one-third the cost of drafting John’s will and instructing him to take this money and use it to buy more radios, or use it in a way that would help with this trip and those in need.

God was definitely working out His plan to show John how valuable he is, and that God does care and will do things in our lives that we have never dreamed or imagined. He even opened the heart of the lawyer, as well, to be part of changing lives for eternity in a foreign land. God has now created an avenue for John to follow up on his return to share more exciting events of how God is working in people’s lives.

John is quite overwhelmed to think that God would do these things for him. Never in a lifetime had it ever occurred to him that God is so real and desires to bless us as we trust and follow Him. Shouldn’t we all be more confident in trusting God with His plans for our lives?


Name has been changed*

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