Volunteer Appreciation Week

This week is Volunteer Week, and Galcom International is blessed to have a number of wonderful volunteers! Every one of them is gifted with different talents that can be used everywhere within the ministry. One of our faithful volunteers is Walter Dickson.

Walter 2015

Walter first became acquainted with Allan McGuirl in 1988 when Allan was the director of Gospel Recordings (now Global Recordings Network) in Hamilton, Ontario. Galcom International first started out in a church basement, and when we moved to 65 Nebo Road, Walter was available to assist in that move. Some years after that, Galcom was able to purchase a building just down the street. The building needed a great deal of work, in which Walter was able to assist.

Walter and his wife Dorothy had worked with OM Canada for three years and spent nine months in Iraq. Having experience in missions no doubt helped Walter appreciate Galcom’s ministry.  When he retired in 1995, he became a full-time volunteer for Galcom, coming in two days per week.

Walter has been on two mission trips with Galcom International. He went with a group from Philpott Memorial Church to Cali, Colombia to distribute Galcom radios/audio Bibles, and later he went with three other men to install a radio station in Pickle Lake, Ontario.

Last fall, his wife, Dorothy, began to volunteer at Galcom, as well.

Walter doesn’t just volunteer at Galcom! He keeps busy by volunteering at Hamilton’s Detention Centre, where he has been for 28 years.  He began by preaching on Sunday mornings and now has “slowed down” to running a Monday-night Bible study and spending Tuesday mornings ministering one-on-one to prisoners there.

On Friday mornings, one can find Walter and Dorothy at the Crossroads Communication Centre, where they volunteer as prayer partners for the TV show “100 Huntley Street.”

Walter and Dorothy have been married for 48 years; they have 3 adult children, 5 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren.  They attend West Highland Baptist Church in Hamilton, Ontario.

If you are interested in volunteering at Galcom International, please contact the office.

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