Audio Bibles Bring Healing

This is just another example of Galcom International radios touching a person’s life in a positive way for Jesus Christ.  Galcom International is the Canadian distributor and assembler of the Megavoice audio Bibles, which were used in this testimony.

“Just a few weeks ago 85 members of the Iris Global Asia family gathered in Singapore. Missionaries and nationals from Nepal, India, Philippines, Cambodia, and a few other ‘private’ locations came together to fellowship, worship, and share about their lives and ministries. The gathering was coupled with participation in the Kingdom Invasion conference.

Much of our time was filled with each location sharing the incredible testimonies of what Jesus is doing in their ministries. Each testimony was encouraging and inspiring. One of the amazing testimonies came from our Nepal family:

‘A little while ago we gave an audio Bible to the village blacksmith to gather everyone together to listen to God’s Word because most of the older generation there cannot read.  Later on, when we asked him how the Bible listening was going, he said that they hadn’t listened in a while. When we asked him why, he said that the blacksmith’s sister, who lived in a village that was a 4 hours walk away, became very sick. She couldn’t get out of bed and had a bad fever. Very often, in remote villages, a sickness like this results in death because there is no healthcare. The blacksmith, who himself was miraculously healed of terminal lung cancer by Jesus, didn’t fully realize yet that he can pray for the sick too, so he took the audio Bible to his sister’s and played God’s Word over her the whole day. She woke up the next morning completely healed. She refused to give the Bible back to the blacksmith. It really is amazing the infinite ways that Jesus can reveal His love to people. One thing is certain in and around the village of Puma, the name of Jesus is held in very high honor by those who have already believed, as well as those who haven’t!’”


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