Know Before You Go – 5 Things to Consider Before You Go on a Mission Trip


  1. Obviously the first thing you should do is PRAY! You should seek God’s guidance as you prepare to go, while you are there, and when you come home. Have people praying for you back home as well.
  2. It would be a smart idea to learn about the culture of the country you will be serving in. Learn what type of clothing is acceptable. Try to learn a couple of words in the local language as well: words like please, thank you, and hello. This can be helpful if language is a barrier and is very appreciated by the people to whom you are reaching out.  Google Translate and YouTube should be able to help you with this.
  3. Align your heart with the purpose of your trip. Be a servant while you are there; go to learn about God and more about yourself and others; don’t think you know it all; embrace grace if your flight is delayed or you get bitten by bugs or if you don’t always agree with your team members.
  4. Plan ahead! Get the shots that are necessary for the country you are travelling to. Know what to pack by doing your research. Items that you might want to take with you are: bug spray, hygienic items like toilet paper and stomach medicine, sunscreen, a couple of flashlights, and plastic bags for your clothes to keep them dry. Take along snacks like peanut butter, crackers, and protein bars (as the food may not be to your liking). Another tip is to roll up your clothes when you pack because it will take up less room.
  5. Debriefing after your trip is almost as important the trip itself; firstly, it can help with the adjustment to your normal life; secondly, it can put into words everything you learned on your trip as you return to your daily life. Engage with people when you get back. A short-term mission trip will change your life: it will make you more grateful, expand your perspective on just about everything, and draw you closer to God.

There are many things to think about after you say yes to going on a mission trip. It may be your first time going, or your third, but remember that God is with you always. Also remember that your reason for going is to serve and to tell others about Jesus and His love. Know that this experience will change your life for the better.

If you are interested in going on a short-term mission trip with Galcom, please contact us at 905-574-4626 for more information.


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