He’s Talking to You

Below is an interview that Men for Missions had with Galcom’s director, Tim Whitehead.


“My entrance into the radio business was very much a call from God. I was a sports marketing major in university working on a commerce degree, and I had to do an internship. My goal was to be a big executive in the sports world. God literally spoke to me and said, “That’s not what I have planned for your life.”

My wife and I prayed about it, and we contacted a large television ministry in Canada. I wrote to them and said, “I’m required to work for free for four months.” They asked, “What are you doing?” I answered, “Accounting and marketing.” Their response, “We need accounting help.” So I was at a TV ministry for ten years and learned all sorts of great stuff.

Ten years later, I was sitting in my church pew, minding my own business, and a missionary that our church supported gave a challenge. Allan McGuirl, who founded the ministry of Galcom, did his normal missionary presentation; here’s what we’re doing, here’s what’s going on, and here are the testimonies. He walked away from the pulpit, turned around, came back, and said, “I have a prayer request. I’m 70 years old, we’re looking for a younger man to take over.” God literally tapped me on the shoulder and said, “He’s talking to you!” And that is how I ended up at Galcom.

Galcom’s mission is to multiply the impact of missionaries and pastors around the world. We build radio stations in very remote areas. Then we manufacture and distribute solar powered fixed-tuned radios locked onto those stations. Missionaries traveling from place to place can leave radios behind and multiply their ministry.

Over the last few years, we’ve been making solar powered radios with a built-in audio Bible. The listener can toggle back and forth between the radio and the Bible.

Some of the exciting impact that radio is having today is live teaching every day, news, health information as well as the Scriptures.

In Haiti, for example, where we partner with OMS and Radio 4VEH, because there is no electricity in most of the country and high illiteracy, radio is an efficient way to reach the people. To date, about 13,000 Galcom radios, fix-tuned to 4VEH, have been distributed and are daily witnessing and helping disciple 78,000 people.

My journey to do, go, and give what God asks began in church when God tapped me on the shoulder. My commitment continues today, multiplied through Galcom ministries around the world.”


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