An Update from SIM Nigeria


This is a note from our partner from SIM (Serving In Missions), Rick Bradford.

“While travelling back to the capital city in Nigeria, I would always pass a sign that said “TIV” village. I became very curious and looked up what TIV was on the Internet. I discovered that they were another tribe of people.

When I arrived back in Canada, I asked Galcom if they could download the language of TIV on a MP3. They did and I took it back to Nigeria with me.

While going through the mission hospital in the evening to pray for patients, we met a lady who hardly said a word. I asked the nurses what was wrong, and they said that she did’t understand our language. I asked if they knew what language she spoke, and they told me they thought she spoke TIV.

To my surprise these words rang in my ears. Just maybe this was the reason I was curious about that sign earlier on the road. So I went back to my residence on the compound and found the TIV MP3 of the Bible that I had brought with me. I immediately went back to the hospital ward and gave it to the lady.

While starting it for her and turning up the volume, I could see the immediate change in her demeanor, as she heard and understood the words being said. She smiled, then she sat up and started to beam with joy. Her language being spoken out of this device gave her so much joy. She was in the hospital for more than a month and listened every day to the solar powered MP3 of the Bible in her language. I gave the device to her so that she could take it back to her village in hopes that one day I will come to her village with more solar powered MP3s of the Bible in her language.”


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