An Update from SIM Nigeria


This is a note from our partner from SIM (Serving In Missions), Rick Bradford.

“While travelling back to the capital city in Nigeria, I would always pass a sign that said “TIV” village. I became very curious and looked up what TIV was on the Internet. I discovered that they were another tribe of people.

When I arrived back in Canada, I asked Galcom if they could download the language of TIV on a MP3. They did and I took it back to Nigeria with me.

While going through the mission hospital in the evening to pray for patients, we met a lady who hardly said a word. I asked the nurses what was wrong, and they said that she did’t understand our language. I asked if they knew what language she spoke, and they told me they thought she spoke TIV.

To my surprise these words rang in my ears. Just maybe this was the reason I was curious about that sign earlier on the road. So I went back to my residence on the compound and found the TIV MP3 of the Bible that I had brought with me. I immediately went back to the hospital ward and gave it to the lady.

While starting it for her and turning up the volume, I could see the immediate change in her demeanor, as she heard and understood the words being said. She smiled, then she sat up and started to beam with joy. Her language being spoken out of this device gave her so much joy. She was in the hospital for more than a month and listened every day to the solar powered MP3 of the Bible in her language. I gave the device to her so that she could take it back to her village in hopes that one day I will come to her village with more solar powered MP3s of the Bible in her language.”

A Quick Update on Galcom in Africa


Kenya – A long-time partner of Galcom International, Scott Beigle, with Faith Radio Network, shared this brief note with us:

“We just returned from Kenya.  In some the village churches 98% of the people couldn’t read so we gave them ‘mini Missionaries’.   They were so thankful.”



NigeriaNigeria – Rick and Martha Bradford, SIM (Serving in Missions) missionaries (see the post from March 1, 2017) have been a partner with Galcom almost since the beginning.  They just returned from Nigeria and had this to share:

“We finish our work in the hospital for the week and we spend our weekend days out visiting bush camps. In our bush runs we find camps of people living in the bush. No electricity, no water and no washrooms. In some of our visits we bring a dentist, and he checks teeth. During that time we give out solar-powered MP3s of the bible in their language. After a few visits we found that they had questions about what they were hearing. So now on Saturday mornings we go to visit the fishing village and we listen to their questions about what they are hearing from the Gospel.”

Serving in Missions – Nigeria

Serving in Missions (formerly Sudan Interior Mission) has been in existence since the late 1800’s. It was started by men who wanted to reach Africa with the Gospel which most, at that time, thought was impossible. The men, Canadians Walter Gowans, Roland Bingham and American Thomas Kent, strove to evangelize the 60 million unreached people of sub-Saharan Africa. In the many years since then, SIM has seen many changes merging with several other organizations; however, their goal remains the same, to reach Africa and the rest of the world with the Good News.

Rick and Martha Bradford have known about Galcom International since its inception, and have been associated with SIM since 2009 when Rick became a regional manager at SIM in Canada.

Early in the 20th century, a missionary from Hamilton, Ontario, Tommy Titcombe, became a missionary in Nigeria. After seeing the great health needs there, he started a small Christian hospital. Rick visited the village where the hospital was and found out they were in need of a Maintenance Manager. Rick quit his job at SIM Canada and became a SIM missionary to fill that role.


His wife, Martha, then joined him the following year, after making sure that it would be a good fit for her health-wise.  They have been full time missionaries since 2014. Martha runs a music school and has set up a theological library there.

Aside from the work at the hospital, Rick tries to encourage the local evangelists and pastors and the national missionary force. One of the ways he aids the missionaries when they go out to remote villages is to provide them with Galcom International audio Bibles.

Nigeria has 250 different dialects, of which 40 languages are now available in the New Testament.  In the area where the Bradfords are, Yoruba is the most common language, but requests also come in for Hausa, which is a trade language. Many merchants are from this tribal group and speak this language.  At the hospital, patients come from the smaller dialect groups, and when they spend long periods of time in the hospital, the audio Bible helps them pass the time.

A retired hospital employee travels to pastoral conferences and demonstrates the usefulness of the audio Bibles. Then he asks the Bradfords for audio Bibles that have been requested from the various pastors. When he receives them, he delivers the audio Bibles with the correct language to these pastors, along with solar speaker boxes which amplify the audio Bible. Because the electricity within the country is poor, the solar panels allow the audio Bibles to work continuously.

The Fulani people group are a semi-nomadic cattle herdsman traveling all across West Africa.  Several seasonal villages are within 30 minutes of the hospital (they move somewhere else during the rainy/dry seasons).  These villages have no electricity at all, but the solar panels power the audio Bibles, and every evening, people gather around it to listen. Even young Muslim boys who have been taught to memorize the Koran now are memorizing the Gospels in their heart language.

Solar speaker boxes amplify the audio Bibles using solar power, but they also have the capability of charging cell phones.  Cell phones are inexpensive,

and service for them is extremely cheap in Nigeria compared to North America. Cell phones are the lifeline to the outside world.  The solar speaker boxes empower the evangelists while they are out in the rural villages. The amplification can reach about 20 people with the Gospel.

Please pray for Rick and Martha as they serve in Nigeria and spread the Good News.

Audio Bibles for South Sudan

A man named Hani Boulos has been partnering with Galcom International for a few years.  Hani lives in Canada but travels to South Sudan and takes along a small order of Galcom audio Bibles each time.

Hani recently sent us a note:

“A project started in 2011 to distribute audio bibles to assemblies and preaching points in the Nuba mountain area where they do not have many visitors. This small device works with solar power, and a loud speaker that allows 15-20 people to listen to it at the same time. A couple of months after we started recording some simple gospel messages and sound doctrine, the civil war started again in the Nuba Mountain area, and we were not able to deliver audio bibles. In May 2015, the Lord opened the door again through brother Butrus from South Sudan, who was able to go into this area. Over the last year, we were able to distribute over 500 audio bibles targeting the disabled, blind, illiterate, young people, and preaching points. Please pray for another shipment that will be sent this week.picture13

South Sudan is a multilingual country with about 64 tribes and languages. For now we send audio in two languages; Dinka and Nuer, the largest tribes. We are targeting three main languages (Dinka, Nuer, and Nuba Moro) plus English and Arabic (both Sudanese Arabic and Arabi Juba) since the device is capable of carrying two more languages.

I was also able to record some gospel messages in simple Sudanese Arabic as it is understood in these areas, and uploaded some Sudanese songs too.

Thank the Lord who burdened many hearts to support this work financially, also for Galcom international, and others who produce those devices.

Please pray that the Lord may use His Word, and for many to listen to the Word, and to know the Savior.”

Impacting a Widow’s Life

This is a story from one of our ministry partners who gave an audio Bible to a widow in Burkina Faso:

The widow’s name is Poko. The Moore translation is female and this name is given to a twin. She is 90. She had 2 daughters who both married and live far away with their husbands and she only sees them every few years. She lives in the courtyard with her husband’s (who died in 1984) brother and his wife. They are all up in age and cannot cultivate so food is scarce. Her health is not good. She has vision and hearing problems and cannot walk without assistance. She gave her life to Christ 2 years ago through our widow program. Each month with her grain she receives prayer and encouragement.

Thank you again for all you have done.  God’s Word is being spread because of people like you!

Please be praying for this widow and for all who have received audio Bibles around the world over the years!

Solar Audio Bible Gives Blind Man Hope

Scott Beigle is a Galcom International partner, working in Kenya is the president of Imani Radio and TV Ministries in that country. Scott had the opportunity to visit a church there some time ago and took some Galcom audio Bibles with him. Also attending the church that day, was a young man named Caleb. Caleb is a 16 year old who is partially blind and not able to read the Bible. However, his desire was to do just that. Caleb grew up in a very poor household in a remote part of Kenya and his parents were unable to send him to a school for the blind. While visiting the church, Scott gave Caleb the solar power radio that contained a Swahili audio Bible. This radio gave him hope and changed his life.

Later, Scott was invited back to minister at this church and when he came, he again saw Caleb. Caleb was asked to give his testimony that day, and began by saying that his dream was to read the Bible by himself and it has come true due to his listening to the Bible in Swahili through his audio Bible. He went on to recite the Book of Genesis word for word. Following this, Caleb continued back to his seat and took a chicken out from under it.  He announced to the church, that he wanted to bless Scott because the solar powered radio had greatly changed his life. Scott said that he could not hold back his tears as Caleb comes from a poor family and for him to donate that chicken is like the parable of the widow’s mite found in Luke 21:4 (and Mark 12:41-44) where the widow donated two small coins which was all she had. Jesus went on to explain to his disciples that the sacrifices of the poor mean more to God than the wealthy who donate their surplus wealth. Caleb did just that by donating the chicken and it was all because of a little solar powered audio Bible.

A Story from Guatemala

Last year, some of Galcom International staff led a trip to Guatemala to distribute solar powered audio Bibles.

God led the group to travel to a remote village on the border of Guatemala and El Salvador.  The team was handing out radios to a group of villagers and one of the team members noticed a blind gentleman sitting off to the side by himself. The team member gave this man a solar powered audio Bible in his native language, which was Spanish.  During the explanation of how to use the audio Bible, the man stood up and held the audio Bible in the air and said, “Now we know that God has not forgotten us here.”


Wow, what a powerful statement!  God longs for everyone in the world to know Him, but how can they know God’s love for them if they have never heard about it?

Galcom International wants to assist not only missionaries who are proclaiming the Gospel in distant lands,   but anyone, anywhere, that has a desire to see souls saved.  We can make 1 audio Bible or 1,000 audio Bibles in any language.

God’s Message in Any Language

Any idea how many languages there are in the world?  Well, there are approximately living 7,106 languages as well as thousands of dialects and approximately 915 languages that are dying out world-wide.  It is estimated that 80% of the world’s population are oral learners.

Galcom International has access to 7,000 languages and dialects which are available in different formats from the parts of the Bible to the God Story to Words of Life to The Living Christ and in languages literally from A to Z.

Imagine how important it is to hear God’s teaching in your own language.  It has made people weep or even dance while listening to the Bible in their dialect.

If we don’t have the language or dialect that is requested on hand, our staff at Galcom will search for it.

Galcom International multiplies missionary impact through audio te12374845_984573041610654_4565510640120720119_o.jpgchnology around the world. To accomplish this, a great number of languages are needed.  The Great Commission in Matthew 28:19 & 20 says:  “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

This is the real ministry of Galcom International!