Radios for the Quechua in Bolivia

One of Galcom International’s long-time partners is Alex Muir from Pioneers Canada. He has made countless trips to Bolivia to hand out Galcom radio/audio Bibles to the Quechua (see the post from December 8, 2016). Below is an excerpt from his latest praise and prayer letter.

“Reports continue to surface of how lives have been transformed and communities have been impacted. On our last trip in April, great joy was expressed when the people realized they had the Word of God as well as a radio. Now, with the audio Bibles, there is an additional option for them as they can listen to “God’s Story” taking them from Creation to the cross. How exciting!

Leandro in Colquacheca has requested we bring some 800 Bible Radios to the mining town where once it seemed we would not be welcomed. After four years of visiting families, Alejandro was able to provide a list of 32 families who wanted a Bible/radio. We responded and gave out 60+ audio Bibles/radios. Recently Segundino came to Greg (Greg is Alex’s son. He married a Quechua young lady and has remained there. He and his wife now minister amongst the Quechua). Segundino presented him with a shaman’s (witch doctor) bag. This was the indication that he now was a follower of Jesus and did not want to practice evil anymore. The bag and contents were quickly destroyed. How we rejoice that this man of influence is now a new creation in Christ!

PRAISE BE TO GOD:  For the 48000+ Bible/radios have been handed out in Bolivia and for those who give so Galcom can provide our radios.

OCTOBER 2017:  Plan to join us and celebrate…our September team will hand out the 50,000th (Galcom) Bible/radio in Bolivia!”


Quechua Outreach in Bolivia

One of Galcom International’s partners is a man named Alex Muir. Alex is with Pioneers Canada, an Evangelical mission organization that mobilizes teams to participate in planting churches amongst unreached people groups. Alex is based out of New Brunswick, and has had a burden for the Quechua people in Boiivia for some time. He has made a number of trips down to Bolivia to hand out Galcom International radios to this needy people group.

Most Quechua speakers of this indigenous language live in Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile and Colombia. Alex has been traveling to Bolivia for a number of years to minister to the Quechua there. He makes at least two trips per year, and takes along 1,000 radios each trip.  Alex and his team hand out these radios one to a family, or even a village.  If a Galcom radio can reach 8 or even 10 people, imagine the impact of 1,000 radios broadcasting the Good News in their native language.

This most recent trip was number 34 for Alex with Galcom radios/audio Bibles. He says that they have been privileged to hand out 47,000 radios or audio Bible/radio combinations.

He says, “It’s a great joy to think that each team has made a difference in many people’s lives. By going to pre-arranged stops in different communities and inviting other communities to come and meet with us, many Quechua have had an opportunity to hear the Gospel.

“We have visited 148 communities, with at least one family from each receiving an audio Bible/radio. Many of these communities do not have a local church. In fact, most communities do not have any believers and most have not heard the message in their heart language until now.

Thank you all again [to Galcom] for being faithful servants, such a vital part in this ministry to the Quechua. Pray as we plan and set up our teams for 2017, asking God to provide for the Galcom audio Bible/radios and for those who will travel with us to make a difference in Quechua lives.”

If you feel the Lord calling you to travel with Alex and a team to reach the Quechua through
radio, please contact the Galcom International office at