Radio Testimonies

Radio is something that we take for granted here in North America.  We may flip a switch in the car to hear the latest weather, traffic conditions, or even the news or sport scores from last night.  We are privileged; not all are so lucky.

Galcom International has been working with Bob Birtwell  from PSGL (Partners Sharing God’s Love) Radio Network since 2013. They began by working together on a project in Rwanda to distribute radios. These radios had a Bible in English and a New Testament in the local language of Kinyarwanda on them, as well as some music and Global Recordings programs.


The next project Galcom worked on with Bob was for Cuba early in 2014. The incredible thing was that some of those radios ended up going to inmates in a prison with the government’s permission! Following that, Bob turned his attention back to Africa and, for the next three years, Galcom partnered with Bob sending audio Bibles to Uganda and Zambia. These Impax players had several languages on them, including Acholi, Ateso, Bemba, Chitonga, Dinka Rek, English, Karamojong, Kumam, Lango, Luo, Maasai, Madi, Nuer, Sudanese, Arabic and Swahili. Some of the radios went to Adjumani, the refugee camp in northern Uganda where refugees from the civil war in South Sudan have fled.

Many Ugandans and Zambians from these countries are responding with thankfulness for their local radio station and the Gospel message that they are able to hear. These people are growing in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ because of the radio station and Galcom radios. Many have written in to show their appreciation, to ask for prayer, or perhaps to get more information on what they are studying. A radio that has been given to them by a missionary is a prized possession and one that is tuned to a local Christian radio station is even more so. Enthusiastic listeners have sent in their responses regarding what they are hearing on their local radio station in Zambia. Here are a few in their own words:


“Pastor, I have been so blessed with today’s radio message. I have been recharged and encouraged.” -Alfred

“Dear Pastor, I am a girl from Lusaka and yesterday when I was hearing your preaching on radio it really touched me and encouraged me in many different ways, so just want to say thank you. And my prayer request is to ask for God’s guidance in what so ever I do because the life I am leading now can take me to an early grave, so I really need Him in my life. Thank you.”

“Pastor, thanks for the powerful words. I have learnt a lot and please pray for me.”

“Hello, I am Lwizya. I would love to share how much Pastor Rick Warren (a radio preacher) has been a blessing in my life. Speaking the word with such simplicity, yet so deep, is so delicious. It’s like he is God’s best friend. I want to be just like Him, able to speak of God beautifully and the Christian faith. I will never be the same.”

“Mrs. G (Mrs. G. makes Christian radio shows for children.)  I am Solomon 11 years. I have loved your stories on radio savior (the local Christian radio station). Most impressing is it’s story of Samson against the Philistines from the story.  The Philistines liked revenging in whatever action Samson would do which could annoy Samson so much.  Even today, there are people who can annoy just like those Philistines to Samson.  Thank you very much Mrs. G. for those fascinating stories of yours.  I love them. May God our Father in heaven bless you.”

“The Word of God is truly wonderful and tremendous in a daily listening.  I am so happy with Hillsong’s music you have in your collection; especially the praise and worship songs.  They inspire me a lot.  Jesus Christ died on the cross and set our new journey to eternal life.  Thank you very much for this message for our family and children. I am Steven.”

“Thanks dear preacher for the word of the days, I am a great listener of Daily Hope program here in savior Radio. You have preached about happiness (Philippians 3:1-3).I have learned that happiness is necessary in a daily live. My family and me have been in tension and distressed over a time but your message as changed it all. Hence happiness. Glory be to God.  Amen.”

“Praise God, pastor. I am John Peter. I have testimony to say. Since I got marriage with my wife she was demon posed for five years, but she tuned into radio savior and heard the preaching hour. She got delivered from the attack that is why we thank God for your preaching about demons attack.”

“Praise God, pastor of daily hope program. I am blessed with your preaching’s on savior radio every day that I listened to savior radio I always a good impact of great faith in me ever since I got born again in my church. It’s about faith that matters in my life, could you please explain to me what faith means, Thanks pastor.”