Reaching Every Village for Christ

Formally known as Aid Sudan, Every Village changed their name in 2012, because their goal in South Sudan is to reach every village for Christ.

South Sudan is a landlocked country in East Central Africa and gained its independence from Sudan in 2011. However, there is currently a civil war raging throughout the country which is one of the causes of a water shortage.

img_1452At Every Village, their heart is to provide clean drinking water to these people by drilling wells, and the Gospel message through radio. They send mission teams into South Sudan to do much of the work, but back in 2008, Galcom International had the opportunity to assist in building a radio station.

Since then, Galcom has had a close partnership with Every Village, sending literally thousands of radios to aid them in spreading the Gospel in South Sudan!  Why radio? In the bush of South Sudan, there is very little Bible translation and a minuscule literacy rate

Recently, an email was sent to Galcom from Andrew Brown at Every Village, where he oversees the radio programming for Every Village. He mentioned that he took 12,000 radios with him when he last went to South Sudan. Four thousand went to their radio station in Aweil; and the other 8,000 went to the city of Tonj and Mvolo County. What is exciting about the radio distribution to these two areas is that it was the first time these people had the opportunity to receive radios!

Every Village held a pastor’s conference which was attended by 672 pastors who came to pray for their nation and collect their Galcom radios. One pastor mentioned that women especially love hearing the radio broadcasts because most of them are illiterate. These women have become advisers in society, because they hear the broadcasts (whether Gospel content or community development content) and then tell their husbands and children what they have learned. This, in turn, spreads to the whole neighborhood! Each radio impacts an average of 7.5 people. Every Village’s radio station network supports the work of long-term missionaries by broadcasting the gospel through Galcom International’s solar-powered, hand-held radios.