How Galcom Hit the Radio Waves!

About 3 years ago, the radio station Faith FM Kitchener held a fundraising campaign for Galcom in order to make and take radios to Haiti.  During the campaign, the people at Faith FM realized Galcom had all these great stories that had never been shared on radio before, so they offered us a weekly half-hour spot on their station.

Galcom had been doing radio ministry for 25 years and has buiTim-Allan-in-studio.jpglt 150+ stations, and yet we had never preached a message or recounted how Galcom radios had impacted lives around the world on the air.  We have contact with many missionaries that have taken Galcom radios to a number of countries, so we started gathering and telling their stories about how Galcom radios have touched lives for a weekly half-hour show.  The show, called Impact Radio, ran on Faith FM and is now being aired on more than 30 radio stations.  Impact Radio currently runs on stations from the Golden Coast of Australia to the US and Canada.

Here at Galcom, we interview missionaries of all sorts to encourage our listeners to get involved with missions using their own unique abilities and experiences.  God wants each person.  That is the message of Impact Radio!

If you want to listen, let us know where you are located and we can let you know the nearest radio station that features Impact Radio!