A Trip to India

When ministries work together, more can be accomplished to expand the reach of the Gospel. Last year Galcom International’s Executive Director, Tim Whitehead, was invited to travel with a team from Global Outreach to India where pastor Praydot Mondal is the director of Ahoban Radio Ministry. Of course, Tim took along some Galcom radios with him. It is difficult to ship radios into the country due to high duty charges, so Praydot had been to the Galcom office to see if it was feasible to assemble the radios at his end.

Ahoban Studio

Officially, in India, there is freedom of religion; however, local Hindu leaders can be very violent to Christian evangelists. Missionaries are able to travel and present the Gospel but it needs to be done in a discreet, sensitive and respectful way. Praydot suggested that a team from Global Outreach come to India and run a medical clinic as a way to share the Gospel.

Along with handing out radios and evangelism, distributing eyeglasses was a major ‘focus’ of this trip. The Lions Club (a worldwide non-evangelical club which has programs to help the community) collect thousands of eyeglasses, then sends them to groups who, in turn, will sort, measure and catalogue the donated glasses so they are ready for people who need them. img_20160201_131513 In fact, prison inmates from an East Coast prison are among some of the people who do these tasks. Many eyeglasses were handed out in India during these clinics. Included in with the clinics for eyeglasses were three doctors and a chiropractor. Praydot mentions these clinics in his email.

“The first place where our clinic was conducted now has a small church group that is now meeting regularly. Did we plant a church? Not exactly, but we were a catalyst of encouragement to the few believers who were in that village. Their ongoing contact with and encouragement by Ahoban staff were critical to its starting.

Since we visited the locations that we did, we have had numerous village leaders from other villages on the same island request that we come to visit them next time. One church is now started; perhaps we could be a part of catalyzing more churches in the future.”

Listeners’ information up to November 2016.Jpeg

185 letters received from listeners.
150 phone calls came from listeners.
320 listeners completed correspondence course.
727 correspondence courses, calendars and letters sent to listeners.
68 accepted Christ through correspondence course.
We have 42 radio listeners’ clubs in 17 District of West Bengal.

God can use anything He chooses to spread His message into countries that are not openly friendly to the Gospel. We are privileged to be His hand and feet, not only to share His word, but also to minister to the physical needs of those we visit.