Stories from Micronesia

In 2007, Galcom International assisted Pastor Nob Kalau with a radio-station installation on the island of Pohnpei, which is located in the Federated States of Micronesia. Although this project took place a number of years ago, The Cross Radio continues to faithfully broadcast God’s Word. “It is of great encouragement to those listening on Pohnpei Island in Micronesia.” says Pastor Nob.


Pastor Nob adds these testimonials regarding how the radio station has turned around lives for Jesus Christ:

Bruce writes, “I am a pastor and have never had any theological education. Listening to great Bible teachers like (Dr. David) Jeremiah, (John) MacArthur, and (Dr. Chuck) Swindoll, on the Cross, has really helped me in sermon preparation and my own study of God’s word.”

Maylani shares, “I am a mother of 2 small children and I love listening to the family programs on your station. God is teaching me to be a better mother and I am really hungry to hear His word. Thank you for the solar radio you gave me.  I listen every day.”

Pastor Nob continues:  “We thank God for His protection over our equipment as power outages and surges are experienced daily. With power becoming more expensive, we are unable to beam our programming on shortwave. Please pray for a solar-powered system to generate the power for us to be able to share the Word of the Lord to the outer islands with shortwave service. For those living on isolated, far-flung islands, the radio is a true source of spiritual nourishment, and even their ‘pastor/teacher’.”