A Radio Was My Missionary

As you may remember from an earlier post on November 14th regarding Mongolia’s Christian radio station, Wind FM, Galcom International has assisted Pastor Bat, who runs the station, in extending the station’s ability in spreading the Gospel by helping with two station installations. Mongolians have been listening through the audio Bible/radios Pastor Bat has delivered, and he is encouraged by the many Mongolians who have made decisions to accept Christ as their Savior.

Here is one such testimony:

“My name’s Enkhmaa. I’m a middle-aged person. I work in a state-funded kindergarten. Several years ago my husband passed away from cancer. When my husband was alive, we did everything to fight his cancer. We went to the Buddhist monastery, saw shamans and others. Nothing helped us to make us happier or healthy.

I’ve been listening to Wind FM for two or three years. I often listen to the radio from morning to night. My green Galcom radio is constantly turned on. I really love hearing what’s spoken on the radio.

One day I discovered a Biblical program that came on the air at 2 pm, but I was non-Christian. However, I did not turn off the radio and just listened. Because of Buddhism and Shamanism, all my faith was already quenched. While I heard Christian preachers, I had been thinking a lot of things. Through the Biblical programs, I was able to understand that if Jesus would become a model of my whole life, I could become a good mother.

So I decided to take help from Jesus for me and my children. Nobody told me the Gospel news when I accepted Jesus. I just listened to what Jesus had done for me. After I received Him, I started to go to the church. Now I always attend church and a cell group. I am more joyful, peaceful and powerful in Him.”

What a great testimony regarding how Galcom’s little solar missionaries can influence a person’s life for Him!

Radio in Mongolia


dsc_0624The country of Mongolia is in the north-east corner of the 10-40 window and is located between Russia and China. A large majority of its inhabitants live in poverty.  With only approximately 0.7% of the population deemed to be Christian, the majority of the population follows Buddhism.

Broadcasting God’s love and forgiveness throughout the capital city area is FEBC WindFM.  Founded in 2000, WindFM has since expanded its reach outside of the city of Ulaanbaatar into outlying areas.

Galcom International has assisted in extending the reach of WindFM by helping with 2 station installations and have delivered many radios to Pastor Bat, who runs the station.  In fact, Pastor Bat has even visited us in Canada and was excited to see how Galcom’s ministry could reach many Mongolians for Christ.

Many Mongolians have written into WindFM to tell how much they love both the radio station and their own personal radio:

“…my Galcom (radio) was given to me by church pastor.  That is a light and compact to transport it.  Contents of family targeted program are given to me.  Also, I often listen to the Biblical programs.” – a seniordsc_0601

“…soon Galcom radio had been being turned on night and day by my son.  Cause of turned radio on, our mind and heart had been affected by Bible words and man’s preaching of Thru the Bible.  So our family felt becoming greater and better than before.  We all together accepted Him as our Savior.  Now every Sunday we attend in a church “Salvation house” in Erdenet City.”

If you would like to make a donation for radios like these in Mongolia, you can visit our website here: http://www.galcom.org/