Radio in Colombia

Colombia is a country that is only slightly larger than the state of Texas, yet civil war has been raging there for 40 years and thousands have lost their lives in the conflict. It is the most intense fighting that Latin America has ever seen.

Russell Stendal, a missionary to Colombia, has partnered closely with Galcom International. His parents became Colombian missionaries when Russell was eight; he later branched out with his own ministry – often a dangerous undertaking. Stendal has been kidnapped five times by guerrillas and also has been jailed; but instead of letting this intimidate him, Stendal has come to believe that his captors are more imprisoned by fear and hopelessness than he ever was during his captivity. Now Stendal’s goal is to distribute radios to one in ten of the guerrillas and the para-military, in order to saturate this group with the Gospel and its message of hope. Even the president of Colombia has a little Galcom radio sitting on his desk.

Colombia Radio Distribution 2008 027

The ministry of Colombia Para Christo, which is run by Stendal, has two radio stations. Russell also has his pilot’s license and drops packages by plane into areas of Colombia that cannot be reached by vehicle, as well as dangerous places where most would not dare to go. These packages contain a bible and a Galcom radio, along with other faith-based material. He turns on each radio before he tosses it out of his plane in order to make the radio audible to the people seeking the package as it lands. Some on the ground at first think it is a bomb that is being dropped, but then they hear the radio, speaking to them in their own language.

Colombia Radio Distribution 2008 029 a

These radios deliver a clear message about God and His love.

Over the years that Galcom has been associated with Russell Stendal, he has given out more than 1,000 solar-powered radios to Colombians. The ones propagating the violence are facing increasing opposition because so many are becoming Christians through Galcom’s radios.

Colombia Boy with Radio 2008

Russell has written several books. Among them is Rescue the Captors, which recounts his personal story.  If you are interested in receiving a copy, contact our Galcom office at 905-574-4626.

Radio in Kenya

Kenya is another country that is effectively using radio to bring many to Christ. Galcom International has partnered with the station “Radio Imani” to build a broadcasting tower to fulfill their mission to reach Kenya.

Thousands of these listeners and viewers are nourished spiritually; hundreds are surrendering their lives to Christ in our vigils, many more call to be led to Christ after listening and watching these broadcasts; and there are those touched by Radio Imani’s outreach ministries to prison and the far-flung communities in the interior parts of Kenya who accept Jesus as their Lord and personal savior.

God is drawing the Africans to faith at an unprecedented rate, and these new Christians need to continue receiving the good news on the airwaves! This is possible if Imani is on air!

This is a quote from a listener to Imani Radio:

“God speaks in many ways; I thank God for the Imani presenters, they really touch our lives through their presentations, teaching and preaching. There are times I am so low in the spirit, especially when my sister was admitted at the hospital. Through listening to Imani and their prayers and encouraging words when I called the studio, my sister has now been discharged and my faith has also grown. I thank God and give him all the glory!”  – Mathias Okech from Mitume

A Radio Was My Missionary

As you may remember from an earlier post on November 14th regarding Mongolia’s Christian radio station, Wind FM, Galcom International has assisted Pastor Bat, who runs the station, in extending the station’s ability in spreading the Gospel by helping with two station installations. Mongolians have been listening through the audio Bible/radios Pastor Bat has delivered, and he is encouraged by the many Mongolians who have made decisions to accept Christ as their Savior.

Here is one such testimony:

“My name’s Enkhmaa. I’m a middle-aged person. I work in a state-funded kindergarten. Several years ago my husband passed away from cancer. When my husband was alive, we did everything to fight his cancer. We went to the Buddhist monastery, saw shamans and others. Nothing helped us to make us happier or healthy.

I’ve been listening to Wind FM for two or three years. I often listen to the radio from morning to night. My green Galcom radio is constantly turned on. I really love hearing what’s spoken on the radio.

One day I discovered a Biblical program that came on the air at 2 pm, but I was non-Christian. However, I did not turn off the radio and just listened. Because of Buddhism and Shamanism, all my faith was already quenched. While I heard Christian preachers, I had been thinking a lot of things. Through the Biblical programs, I was able to understand that if Jesus would become a model of my whole life, I could become a good mother.

So I decided to take help from Jesus for me and my children. Nobody told me the Gospel news when I accepted Jesus. I just listened to what Jesus had done for me. After I received Him, I started to go to the church. Now I always attend church and a cell group. I am more joyful, peaceful and powerful in Him.”

What a great testimony regarding how Galcom’s little solar missionaries can influence a person’s life for Him!

Radios for the Quechua in Bolivia

One of Galcom International’s long-time partners is Alex Muir from Pioneers Canada. He has made countless trips to Bolivia to hand out Galcom radio/audio Bibles to the Quechua (see the post from December 8, 2016). Below is an excerpt from his latest praise and prayer letter.

“Reports continue to surface of how lives have been transformed and communities have been impacted. On our last trip in April, great joy was expressed when the people realized they had the Word of God as well as a radio. Now, with the audio Bibles, there is an additional option for them as they can listen to “God’s Story” taking them from Creation to the cross. How exciting!

Leandro in Colquacheca has requested we bring some 800 Bible Radios to the mining town where once it seemed we would not be welcomed. After four years of visiting families, Alejandro was able to provide a list of 32 families who wanted a Bible/radio. We responded and gave out 60+ audio Bibles/radios. Recently Segundino came to Greg (Greg is Alex’s son. He married a Quechua young lady and has remained there. He and his wife now minister amongst the Quechua). Segundino presented him with a shaman’s (witch doctor) bag. This was the indication that he now was a follower of Jesus and did not want to practice evil anymore. The bag and contents were quickly destroyed. How we rejoice that this man of influence is now a new creation in Christ!

PRAISE BE TO GOD:  For the 48000+ Bible/radios have been handed out in Bolivia and for those who give so Galcom can provide our radios.

OCTOBER 2017:  Plan to join us and celebrate…our September team will hand out the 50,000th (Galcom) Bible/radio in Bolivia!”

A Quick Update on Galcom in Africa


Kenya – A long-time partner of Galcom International, Scott Beigle, with Faith Radio Network, shared this brief note with us:

“We just returned from Kenya.  In some the village churches 98% of the people couldn’t read so we gave them ‘mini Missionaries’.   They were so thankful.”



NigeriaNigeria – Rick and Martha Bradford, SIM (Serving in Missions) missionaries (see the post from March 1, 2017) have been a partner with Galcom almost since the beginning.  They just returned from Nigeria and had this to share:

“We finish our work in the hospital for the week and we spend our weekend days out visiting bush camps. In our bush runs we find camps of people living in the bush. No electricity, no water and no washrooms. In some of our visits we bring a dentist, and he checks teeth. During that time we give out solar-powered MP3s of the bible in their language. After a few visits we found that they had questions about what they were hearing. So now on Saturday mornings we go to visit the fishing village and we listen to their questions about what they are hearing from the Gospel.”

Radio Testimonies

Radio is something that we take for granted here in North America.  We may flip a switch in the car to hear the latest weather, traffic conditions, or even the news or sport scores from last night.  We are privileged; not all are so lucky.

Galcom International has been working with Bob Birtwell  from PSGL (Partners Sharing God’s Love) Radio Network since 2013. They began by working together on a project in Rwanda to distribute radios. These radios had a Bible in English and a New Testament in the local language of Kinyarwanda on them, as well as some music and Global Recordings programs.


The next project Galcom worked on with Bob was for Cuba early in 2014. The incredible thing was that some of those radios ended up going to inmates in a prison with the government’s permission! Following that, Bob turned his attention back to Africa and, for the next three years, Galcom partnered with Bob sending audio Bibles to Uganda and Zambia. These Impax players had several languages on them, including Acholi, Ateso, Bemba, Chitonga, Dinka Rek, English, Karamojong, Kumam, Lango, Luo, Maasai, Madi, Nuer, Sudanese, Arabic and Swahili. Some of the radios went to Adjumani, the refugee camp in northern Uganda where refugees from the civil war in South Sudan have fled.

Many Ugandans and Zambians from these countries are responding with thankfulness for their local radio station and the Gospel message that they are able to hear. These people are growing in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ because of the radio station and Galcom radios. Many have written in to show their appreciation, to ask for prayer, or perhaps to get more information on what they are studying. A radio that has been given to them by a missionary is a prized possession and one that is tuned to a local Christian radio station is even more so. Enthusiastic listeners have sent in their responses regarding what they are hearing on their local radio station in Zambia. Here are a few in their own words:


“Pastor, I have been so blessed with today’s radio message. I have been recharged and encouraged.” -Alfred

“Dear Pastor, I am a girl from Lusaka and yesterday when I was hearing your preaching on radio it really touched me and encouraged me in many different ways, so just want to say thank you. And my prayer request is to ask for God’s guidance in what so ever I do because the life I am leading now can take me to an early grave, so I really need Him in my life. Thank you.”

“Pastor, thanks for the powerful words. I have learnt a lot and please pray for me.”

“Hello, I am Lwizya. I would love to share how much Pastor Rick Warren (a radio preacher) has been a blessing in my life. Speaking the word with such simplicity, yet so deep, is so delicious. It’s like he is God’s best friend. I want to be just like Him, able to speak of God beautifully and the Christian faith. I will never be the same.”

“Mrs. G (Mrs. G. makes Christian radio shows for children.)  I am Solomon 11 years. I have loved your stories on radio savior (the local Christian radio station). Most impressing is it’s story of Samson against the Philistines from the story.  The Philistines liked revenging in whatever action Samson would do which could annoy Samson so much.  Even today, there are people who can annoy just like those Philistines to Samson.  Thank you very much Mrs. G. for those fascinating stories of yours.  I love them. May God our Father in heaven bless you.”

“The Word of God is truly wonderful and tremendous in a daily listening.  I am so happy with Hillsong’s music you have in your collection; especially the praise and worship songs.  They inspire me a lot.  Jesus Christ died on the cross and set our new journey to eternal life.  Thank you very much for this message for our family and children. I am Steven.”

“Thanks dear preacher for the word of the days, I am a great listener of Daily Hope program here in savior Radio. You have preached about happiness (Philippians 3:1-3).I have learned that happiness is necessary in a daily live. My family and me have been in tension and distressed over a time but your message as changed it all. Hence happiness. Glory be to God.  Amen.”

“Praise God, pastor. I am John Peter. I have testimony to say. Since I got marriage with my wife she was demon posed for five years, but she tuned into radio savior and heard the preaching hour. She got delivered from the attack that is why we thank God for your preaching about demons attack.”

“Praise God, pastor of daily hope program. I am blessed with your preaching’s on savior radio every day that I listened to savior radio I always a good impact of great faith in me ever since I got born again in my church. It’s about faith that matters in my life, could you please explain to me what faith means, Thanks pastor.”

A Story from South Sudan

Here in the office, we get a number of testimonies, such as the one below from Every Village in South Sudan.

This story is about a man in the Mvolo area in South Sudan, where we began broadcasting last October.

“This man was a nonbeliever whose son woke up one morning with a high fever. The man turned on his radio to hear our (Every Village) station and heard one of our radio staff about to pray. Our radio staff member asked anyone around a sick person to lay their hand on the part that was sick. This non-believing man put his hand on his sick son’s head. Our radio staff member prayed and the boy was healed. The man was saved and is now composing songs going out over the airwaves. Praise God for His power and grace on display in South Sudan.”