Radios in Nicaragua

Several years ago, Allan from Galcom International spoke at the church of a man named Sean Grant and gave a presentation about the radios which Galcom produces and sends all over the world. This introduction was the first time that Sean heard about Galcom. Sean had also remembered that his father-in-law had told him that he went on a mission trip a couple of years ago and had brought along 500 Galcom radios to Bolivia. These radios made a big impact on the people that received them.

So, not long ago, Sean came into the office and purchased 15 Galcom radios to take with him to Nicaragua. He was appreciative that we were able to program them to the frequencies of the Christian radio stations in the area he was visiting.  He also gave us a report of his trip:

“Most of the radios I gave to Pastors in the area, as they knew where the radios could most effectively be distributed.

A Pastor named Carlos actually has a radio program in the area so I gave him several of the radios to hand out.

Near the end of my trip, I had one radio left in my backpack.  I was walking through a market and a guy approached me, he was trying to sell me something.  We had a bit of a chat and he mentioned to me that he had pain in his left arm.  I asked if I could pray for him.  He said yes.  I placed a hand on him and prayed the prayer of faith.  He was quite excited that all his pain left immediately.


This led us to a discussion about Jesus and the price that He paid.  I asked him if he wanted to receive Jesus as his Savior.  He was very sincere and he said that he did.  We prayed together and he confessed with his mouth that Jesus Christ was Lord and he expressed that he believed that Jesus died and rose from dead for his sins.

I knew I would probably never see this brother again on this earth and I didn’t want to leave him with no means of discipleship so I left him with the last Galcom radio that I had.  I am excited that he can receive a form of discipleship through the radio programs as well as the built-in audio Bible“.

Sean Grant is just one individual who has a heart for the lost and has used Galcom radios to reach people with the Gospel.  Because of people like Sean, many radios have been distributed throughout the world and many have heard the Good News!


Stories from Micronesia

In 2007, Galcom International assisted Pastor Nob Kalau with a radio-station installation on the island of Pohnpei, which is located in the Federated States of Micronesia. Although this project took place a number of years ago, The Cross Radio continues to faithfully broadcast God’s Word. “It is of great encouragement to those listening on Pohnpei Island in Micronesia.” says Pastor Nob.


Pastor Nob adds these testimonials regarding how the radio station has turned around lives for Jesus Christ:

Bruce writes, “I am a pastor and have never had any theological education. Listening to great Bible teachers like (Dr. David) Jeremiah, (John) MacArthur, and (Dr. Chuck) Swindoll, on the Cross, has really helped me in sermon preparation and my own study of God’s word.”

Maylani shares, “I am a mother of 2 small children and I love listening to the family programs on your station. God is teaching me to be a better mother and I am really hungry to hear His word. Thank you for the solar radio you gave me.  I listen every day.”

Pastor Nob continues:  “We thank God for His protection over our equipment as power outages and surges are experienced daily. With power becoming more expensive, we are unable to beam our programming on shortwave. Please pray for a solar-powered system to generate the power for us to be able to share the Word of the Lord to the outer islands with shortwave service. For those living on isolated, far-flung islands, the radio is a true source of spiritual nourishment, and even their ‘pastor/teacher’.”

Christian Radio in Albania

Pastor Cimi Baraku and his wife established a church called Emmanuel Mission Church in Korce, Albania, of which he was the pastor. Korce is one of the larger cities in Albania and has a population of nearly 80,000 people.

In the late 1990s, Emmanuel Mission Church started a Christian radio station named, Radio Emmanuel. In 2003, while raising funds in America for the radio station, Pastor Cimi suffered a fatal heart attack.  His son, Tani, took over managing the radio station; although young, Tani had many Christian radio professionals from around the word come alongside him to mentor him and help him lead the radio station.

 Pastor Cimi contacted Galcom International for help with their new station. After he passed away, Tani and his mother contacted Galcom again, and a team was sent over to help with the tower assembly for Radio Emmanuel, as the station was having trouble. The problem was that their tower was set on top of an apartment building and was being interfered with by radiation. A team from Galcom travelled to Albania in order to raise the tower so the broadcast area would be larger.

Since then, teams have travelled to Albania from Galcom to distribute radios.

Near the beginning of 2016, Tani was able to purchase a new building to house the radio station; however, the building sure needed a lot of work! Again, a team from Galcom went over to Albania to assist with cleaning up the new building and handing out radios. There will be more teams heading to Albania in 2017 to design and complete the studios and distribute more radios to people living in remote villages.

A Trip to India

When ministries work together, more can be accomplished to expand the reach of the Gospel. Last year Galcom International’s Executive Director, Tim Whitehead, was invited to travel with a team from Global Outreach to India where pastor Praydot Mondal is the director of Ahoban Radio Ministry. Of course, Tim took along some Galcom radios with him. It is difficult to ship radios into the country due to high duty charges, so Praydot had been to the Galcom office to see if it was feasible to assemble the radios at his end.

Ahoban Studio

Officially, in India, there is freedom of religion; however, local Hindu leaders can be very violent to Christian evangelists. Missionaries are able to travel and present the Gospel but it needs to be done in a discreet, sensitive and respectful way. Praydot suggested that a team from Global Outreach come to India and run a medical clinic as a way to share the Gospel.

Along with handing out radios and evangelism, distributing eyeglasses was a major ‘focus’ of this trip. The Lions Club (a worldwide non-evangelical club which has programs to help the community) collect thousands of eyeglasses, then sends them to groups who, in turn, will sort, measure and catalogue the donated glasses so they are ready for people who need them. img_20160201_131513 In fact, prison inmates from an East Coast prison are among some of the people who do these tasks. Many eyeglasses were handed out in India during these clinics. Included in with the clinics for eyeglasses were three doctors and a chiropractor. Praydot mentions these clinics in his email.

“The first place where our clinic was conducted now has a small church group that is now meeting regularly. Did we plant a church? Not exactly, but we were a catalyst of encouragement to the few believers who were in that village. Their ongoing contact with and encouragement by Ahoban staff were critical to its starting.

Since we visited the locations that we did, we have had numerous village leaders from other villages on the same island request that we come to visit them next time. One church is now started; perhaps we could be a part of catalyzing more churches in the future.”

Listeners’ information up to November 2016.Jpeg

185 letters received from listeners.
150 phone calls came from listeners.
320 listeners completed correspondence course.
727 correspondence courses, calendars and letters sent to listeners.
68 accepted Christ through correspondence course.
We have 42 radio listeners’ clubs in 17 District of West Bengal.

God can use anything He chooses to spread His message into countries that are not openly friendly to the Gospel. We are privileged to be His hand and feet, not only to share His word, but also to minister to the physical needs of those we visit.

Lighthouse Radio in Belize

Clive Welsh runs Lighthouse Radio in the town of San Pedro in Belize and back in October, Galcom International was blessed to have him as the guest speaker at our banquet. While here in Canada, Clive mentioned that he was experiencing transmission problems and so while the team were in Belize they were able to find and repair the problem, which was with one of the antennas.  Besides that task, the men also diagnosed a problem with the generator and with the transfer switch. Clive is waiting for parts to come in so that the next person can finish the

Following that, it continued to be a busy time for the 5 men.  On one of the days while there, they had an opportunity to share about Galcom in two schools on the neighboring island of Caye Caulker.  The first was a charter school being run by North Americans to meet the need on the island for those that wanted to study beyond 8th grade. The team was able to challenge the students to look for solutions to the problems around them by using the radio as an example of how solar energy is used to produce the power needed to run them in areas where there may not be affordable electricity. The second school was a grade school and the men were able to talk to the students in each of the classes about the Lord and how He cared for each of them.

On another day, they shared in a local church and then distributed radios in the area around the church. It was a very poor part of the island where the inhabitants were actually having to reclaim land from the sea by using anything they could find as fill; it 15355747_10157907976655302_167847449893929965_nlooked very untidy as often old mattresses and discarded items were being used. The people were very thankful for the radios and for the message of hope that they proclaimed.  This was the second poor area that a distribution of the little missionaries was made on the island.

One evening on their way home from a Christmas presentation, Alastair and John met a blind man who gladly received one of the radios. He had been a follower of Christ for many years and shared how just after becoming a believer he was attacked by a man with a machete who struck him across the head, blinding him instantly. He said that the only thing that keeps him going some days is his relationship with the Lord. Now he will be able to listen to God’s Word each day on his radio.

With the repairs to the station, the signal was now able to reach Caye Caulker. Clive recounted how a man had dropped by the station to say that his mother, who lived there, could now hear the station and was also able to listen to the Bible on her ImpaX radio/audio Bible in Spanish. Each one of the radios the team took into Belize had a Bible with both English and Spanish recorded on it.


Praise the Lord for these Galcom radios and for Lighthouse Radio.

If you are interested in going on a mission trip, please contact us.

Reaching Every Village for Christ

Formally known as Aid Sudan, Every Village changed their name in 2012, because their goal in South Sudan is to reach every village for Christ.

South Sudan is a landlocked country in East Central Africa and gained its independence from Sudan in 2011. However, there is currently a civil war raging throughout the country which is one of the causes of a water shortage.

img_1452At Every Village, their heart is to provide clean drinking water to these people by drilling wells, and the Gospel message through radio. They send mission teams into South Sudan to do much of the work, but back in 2008, Galcom International had the opportunity to assist in building a radio station.

Since then, Galcom has had a close partnership with Every Village, sending literally thousands of radios to aid them in spreading the Gospel in South Sudan!  Why radio? In the bush of South Sudan, there is very little Bible translation and a minuscule literacy rate

Recently, an email was sent to Galcom from Andrew Brown at Every Village, where he oversees the radio programming for Every Village. He mentioned that he took 12,000 radios with him when he last went to South Sudan. Four thousand went to their radio station in Aweil; and the other 8,000 went to the city of Tonj and Mvolo County. What is exciting about the radio distribution to these two areas is that it was the first time these people had the opportunity to receive radios!

Every Village held a pastor’s conference which was attended by 672 pastors who came to pray for their nation and collect their Galcom radios. One pastor mentioned that women especially love hearing the radio broadcasts because most of them are illiterate. These women have become advisers in society, because they hear the broadcasts (whether Gospel content or community development content) and then tell their husbands and children what they have learned. This, in turn, spreads to the whole neighborhood! Each radio impacts an average of 7.5 people. Every Village’s radio station network supports the work of long-term missionaries by broadcasting the gospel through Galcom International’s solar-powered, hand-held radios.

Radio in Greenland

Rev. Allan McGuirl met a YWAM missionary, Errol Martin, at a Vancouver Missionfest, and after learning about Galcom International, Errol became interested in using radio to extend the reach of the Gospel throughout the island of Greenland.  While Greenland is the largest island in the world, it is the least populated. The population of 60,000 is mainly Inuit with the rest of the population being predominately Danish. Out of that population, there was, only 2% of Christian at that time.

Errol immediately saw the potential of Christian radio broadcasting God’s message throughout the island.  Most of the communities of Greenland are separate from each other.  This is because there are no roads between these communities due to the terrain and the many fjords along the coast and because of the lack of agriculture and forestry throughout the island.


Errol referred Allan to Pastor John Nielson in Nuuk, the capital city of Greenland who had a small congregation there. After 8 long years of praying, Pastor John was finally granted a license and by 2009, he and his team were on the air. Galcom International was able to assist him, with the help of a group from the Faroe Islands, to set up a Christian radio station in Nuuk.  Now the percentage of Christians in Greenland have shot up to almost 5% (Joshua Project).

Since then, staff from Galcom have travelled up to Greenland and installed 11 repeater stations. Pastor John recently sent us a testimony about a gentleman who has been listening to the station that we were able to help with in order to reach the unreached people of Greenland.

“Two weeks ago Silas was baptized in our church.

Silas is a Taxi driver and sometime in 2013 he was listening to the Christian radio in Nuuk. He liked listening to the Christian station. Then one day, he had to drive a person up to our church, and he became curious and decided to look inside.

He found it interesting and stayed! Then he continued to come to the meetings and one day – don’t know when, he was saved. Then he decided to be baptized.

So now we have another new Christian saved through the radio work. Praise God!!”

Praise the Lord that Christian radio is being used to reach the people of Greenland for Him!