Do You Play Golf?

Summer is here again, which means it will soon be time for Galcom International’s Golf Tournament!  This year, we will be celebrating our ninth annual charity tournament at Flamborough Hills Golf Club on August 21st. Galcom began this golf tournament  to raise funds for the radios we send to many people groups needing to hear the Gospel.

Galcom’s solar radios provide a link for its listeners to local, national and international news. They are tuned in to the local Christian radio station and can provide information on topics such as health, infant and child care, disaster relief, and the all-important message of God’s love and forgiveness. Galcom’s audio Bibles can be programmed in over 6,000 languages/dialects, they are another durable, solar-powered way of presenting the Gospel.

Each year, the golf tournament proves to be a great day of playing golf out on the links, followed by a delicious dinner in the clubhouse, a thought-provoking speaker, and a prize for the participants.

If you would like more information about joining us for the day, or if you feel led to donate a prize, please contact our office at 905-574-4626. You can also register online for the golf tournament.

A Quick Update on Galcom in Africa


Kenya – A long-time partner of Galcom International, Scott Beigle, with Faith Radio Network, shared this brief note with us:

“We just returned from Kenya.  In some the village churches 98% of the people couldn’t read so we gave them ‘mini Missionaries’.   They were so thankful.”



NigeriaNigeria – Rick and Martha Bradford, SIM (Serving in Missions) missionaries (see the post from March 1, 2017) have been a partner with Galcom almost since the beginning.  They just returned from Nigeria and had this to share:

“We finish our work in the hospital for the week and we spend our weekend days out visiting bush camps. In our bush runs we find camps of people living in the bush. No electricity, no water and no washrooms. In some of our visits we bring a dentist, and he checks teeth. During that time we give out solar-powered MP3s of the bible in their language. After a few visits we found that they had questions about what they were hearing. So now on Saturday mornings we go to visit the fishing village and we listen to their questions about what they are hearing from the Gospel.”

Children of the Bible, Part 22

Allan 2

Children of the Bible, Part 22 by Allan McGuirl

We have been looking at children of the Bible the last few months. Timothy is the next child we will discuss, as we draw close to the end of this series. I believe there are some important things we can learn from the life of Timothy, especially as a child, that can encourage our hearts and perhaps help some parents in raising their own children.

Timothy, whose name means “honouring God” or “precious to God,” certainly lived up to his name. Timothy came from a special home setting. You know that at an early age he put his faith in the Lord. The Bible says in Acts 16:1 that Paul had come to Lystra where Timothy lived. His mother was a Jewess and a believer in Jesus, and his father was a Greek. Nothing else is said about his father, but in II Timothy 1:5 the Bible says that Paul longed to see Timothy because he noticed in him the same unwavering faith and the sincere trust in God that was first modelled by his grandmother, Lois, and then by his mother, Eunice. Wow, this is a powerful statement. Three generations of solid believers is a testimony to God’s amazing grace, and it is also a testimony to the way Grandmother Lois and Mother Eunice raised Timothy. Let me ask you grandparents: are you passing on the precious truth of Jesus our Saviour to your children, and in turn, encouraging them to pass it on to their children? You can have a mighty impact on their lives just as Eunice and Lois did with Timothy.

How do we do that? Let’s look at II Timothy 3:14 and 15, where Paul charges Timothy: “But as for you, continue in what you have learned and have become convinced of, because you know from whom you learned it, and how from infancy you have known the Holy Scriptures, which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus.”  Paul goes on to affirm, “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.”

Eunice and Lois didn’t wait until Timothy was old enough to even understand to teach him God’s Word. They started when he was an infant. When we sing “Jesus Love Me” or “For God so Loved the World” to a babe in arms do we think they really understand those concepts? Or if we read Bible stories or Bible passages to them do we think they really grasp all that we are saying? Of course not! But we are laying a foundation from the very earliest years that shows a respect for God and His Word. We are placing God’s truths and familiar phrases within their young minds that will take on proper meaning as they mature. We are sowing the seed that will eventually take root in the virgin soil of their hearts and grow to bring forth fruit. The fruit doesn’t appear until a plant is mature. The plant doesn’t begin to mature until the seed germinates in the prepared soil. The seed can never germinate if it is never planted. So, you see, Lois and Eunice sowed the seed of God’s Word early in young Timothy’s heart. They watered it with prayer and tilled the ground to make it receptive for the seed to germinate. Then, as he grew, they continued to sow the seed.

In Timothy’s life this had a huge impact. From an infant he knew God’s Word, by faith he appropriated God’s grace as taught in His Word, becoming a child of God, and then by faith began to live it out. When children are taught early, when they are led to accept Christ as their personal Saviour early in life, when they are taught the truths of Scripture and how to apply them to their lives, and when they understand that God’s Holy Spirit within them lives out the life of Christ through them, there is no more powerful force for the Great Commission than this!

Paul recognized that Timothy was being molded by God from early on. In Acts 16:3, Paul wanted to take him along on a mission trip. What a great choice Paul made in selecting this young man. He was ideal material for mentoring, and Paul was able to pour himself into this young man with little fear that his time and effort would be wasted. Paul also warned Timothy in II Timothy 3:1-4: I can almost see Paul looking him in the eye and warning him that “There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasures rather than lovers of God. So, Timothy, this is the world you are living in.” Paul goes on to say, “But you, Timothy, must continue in the things which you have learned and been assured of…”

Is this not the world we observe today in North America? Paul encouraged Timothy to be on guard and to recognize that God’s word would be his guide through the hazards of life. And then what did Paul do? He prayed for Timothy constantly. Parents, you want your children to experience God’s best for them. Pray for them continually. Encourage them and affirm them when they do what is right. Set the example. But most of all, pray for them. It is so easy to allow our busyness, our tiredness, our distractions, and our carelessness to keep us from this most important task. Pray that God would keep them in His Word, that they will be able to recognize temptation for what it is, that they will see the consequences of wrongdoing before they allow themselves to be sucked in. Pray for God’s protection around them keeping them from the Evil One, and pray that they will have a hunger to know God better and a desire to serve Him.

Audio Bibles Bring Healing

This is just another example of Galcom International radios touching a person’s life in a positive way for Jesus Christ.  Galcom International is the Canadian distributor and assembler of the Megavoice audio Bibles, which were used in this testimony.

“Just a few weeks ago 85 members of the Iris Global Asia family gathered in Singapore. Missionaries and nationals from Nepal, India, Philippines, Cambodia, and a few other ‘private’ locations came together to fellowship, worship, and share about their lives and ministries. The gathering was coupled with participation in the Kingdom Invasion conference.

Much of our time was filled with each location sharing the incredible testimonies of what Jesus is doing in their ministries. Each testimony was encouraging and inspiring. One of the amazing testimonies came from our Nepal family:

‘A little while ago we gave an audio Bible to the village blacksmith to gather everyone together to listen to God’s Word because most of the older generation there cannot read.  Later on, when we asked him how the Bible listening was going, he said that they hadn’t listened in a while. When we asked him why, he said that the blacksmith’s sister, who lived in a village that was a 4 hours walk away, became very sick. She couldn’t get out of bed and had a bad fever. Very often, in remote villages, a sickness like this results in death because there is no healthcare. The blacksmith, who himself was miraculously healed of terminal lung cancer by Jesus, didn’t fully realize yet that he can pray for the sick too, so he took the audio Bible to his sister’s and played God’s Word over her the whole day. She woke up the next morning completely healed. She refused to give the Bible back to the blacksmith. It really is amazing the infinite ways that Jesus can reveal His love to people. One thing is certain in and around the village of Puma, the name of Jesus is held in very high honor by those who have already believed, as well as those who haven’t!’”

Beyond the 10/40 Window

“Why should anyone hear the gospel twice before everyone has heard it once?” – Oswald J. Smith

The potential audience for Christian radio programming is 99% of the world’s population, assuming good reception, availability of a radio, and a desire to find the programs. (Johnstone and Mandryk 2005, 7)

Picture taken from The Joshua Project website.

The 10/40 window is a common term among Christians.  It is a rectangular area between 10 and 40 degrees north of the equator. This area spans from North Africa to East Asia. Billions of people live in this particular area, and it is where most of the unreached people groups reside. It also seems that almost every major non-Christian religion is located in the 10/40 Window, including Islam, Buddhism, Animism, Atheism, and Sikhism. But in “light” of that fact, God’s love reaches into the darkest corners of the 10/40 window and all around the world.

What if we could hear God’s heartbeat for the nations?

Did you know?

~The 10/40 Window contains over 70% of the world’s population but only 8% of the world’s missionary efforts (Christian radio can reach these people).

~Most of the people in the 10/40 Window have never met a Christian, seen a Bible, or entered a church (But I am sure most know what a radio is).

~The 10/40 Window is also known as the “resistance belt” and remains the darkest and most inhospitable territory to the cause of Christ and represents the greatest remaining stronghold of Satan (Radio waves are able to cross borders and reach into areas where missionaries are not welcomed).

“…Open my eyes to the things unseen/Break my heart for what breaks Yours/Show me how to love like You have loved me/Everything I am for your kingdom, Lord…” “Hosanna” (Hillsong United)

Time is short and the time is now.

Children of the Bible, Part 19

Allan 2

Children of the Bible, Part 19

Luke 15:11-32

We have been looking at the stories of children in the Bible and things we can learn from them to apply to our own lives. Perhaps this next story you would not consider as about a child, but a young son reaching adulthood. He was probably in his early twenties, since a Jewish son was considered independent at that time. He had an older brother and a dad. His father was respected in the community, a man of means and integrity. No mention is made of his mother, which is unusual in this situation, so she may already have died. This story, found in Luke 15:11-32, shows the younger son’s understanding that all of his father’s possessions would become the inheritance of he and his brother.  He could hardly wait. In fact, he couldn’t wait at all. Was this the first time he had approached his father about the inheritance? Perhaps his brother was a more diligent landowner than he and he realized that when the time came for the property and money to be divided, his brother would be in a better position than he would be. Or maybe he just wanted to get out on his own, do his own thing, be able to make his own decisions, and not always be ordered around by his father. This young man is known as the Prodigal Son. Many of you can relate to the search for independence by those approaching adulthood.

Two words characterized the son at this point in his life. Maybe you have guessed them. He said, “GIVE ME.” Are you familiar with young people who think the world owes them a living – that is, a privileged living where everything is provided for them and they have no responsibility to work or use their resources wisely? Certainly, in affluent North America we seem to have droves of young people with this mindset: the world owes me an education, a good income, a healthy body, trustworthy friends, a good home with all the amenities, and access to anything the heart could desire. The prodigal son’s “GIVE ME” attitude did not come with any specified plan as to how he would invest the inheritance; there was no specific goal in mind, just “GIVE ME my share of the estate – NOW.”

Now if you were his dad, what would you say? I suspect this son had been pressuring his father for some time and ignored his father’s nudging to just hang in a little longer, to decide what he really wanted to do with his life, and to work out a plan for using his share wisely. The father knew his son was bent on leaving home and going his own way, so, reluctantly, he divided his inheritance between the two sons. He watched heartbroken as his son packed up his belongings and moved to another country, but the son was lighthearted and almost giddy about his newfound freedom.

With lots of money comes lots of friends – the son was too naïve to realize they were only fair-weather friends. He “lived it up” and had the time of his life. The story is as old as time – the money never lasts nearly as long as we anticipate. The friends moved on and in verse 13 it says he “squandered his wealth in wild living.” There was nothing left. To squander means to “spend extravagantly, thoughtlessly or wastefully.” The money was gone, there was nothing left and the son found himself reduced to a lowly servant of a pig farmer. He was so hungry he would have eaten the pig slop and the Bible says, “no one gave him anything.” How sad! Could someone reading this be in the same situation? The passage tells us that as he sat in the pig pen, he came to his senses. He thought of his father’s servants: well-dressed, well-fed, well-housed, content. He thought of himself, the son: destitute, in rags, and starving. He was no longer cocky, demanding and self-assured, but humbled, distressed and a little wiser.

This time he formulated a plan. He would go to his father and ask for his forgiveness. He would request a job as a slave, since he realized he was no longer worthy to be called a son. He had shamed his father and brought disgrace upon the family. His was willing to make amends by becoming a servant. He packed up his few belongings and headed home. There was no spring in his step on the return journey, no giddiness. His head was bowed and his bare feet trod the hardened path as he rehearsed over and over what he would say to his disappointed and angry father. With his head down, he didn’t realize that, while he was still a long way off, his father had spotted him. His father was running down the road to meet him. He finally looked up and then ran toward his father. He hardly had time for his rehearsed speech. His father welcomed him home, clothed him, gave him a family ring and prepared a great feast for him. He had been waiting all this time for his son to return – now they would celebrate.

I think of a close friend of mine whose son did the same sort of thing. No, he didn’t get an inheritance; instead he stole it from the home and pawned it for whatever he could get – jewellery, money, furnishings, etc. For years his parents grieved and prayed for their wayward son, and one day, the son came to his senses. The father’s love reached out to him and received him back and helped him back on his feet. The son turned his life over to the Lord, and the relationship today is one of joy and blessing. How wonderful to know that God is still in the business of rescuing the strays, restoring relationships, and rebuilding lives.

As John 3:16 says, “For God so loved the world, that he gave His one and only son, that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting life.” If you are like this prodigal son, God is waiting to welcome you home. You only need to trust in Him. And if you are the waiting father or mother, keep on praying and believing. God is still in control.

God Works in Amazing Ways

32. Thanks be to God. Now we can hear His voice

Sometimes God works in a person’s life, long before they go to a foreign field to reach out to others. Recently, John*, a fellow who was planning to join a group which would be taking Galcom International ImpaX audio Bibles overseas, shared that for two years or so he had a struggle each time he thought about doing such a thing… joining a short-term missions team. “Really, do you think you could do that?”  John said to himself. “Not likely.”

His family encouraged him to go, but those haunting words came to him again,” Someone like you couldn’t do that, who do you think you are?” He had the desire to go on a mission trip, but he lacked the confidence to follow through.

During this time, some friends sent an email to John mentioning a need for 2 people to join an upcoming mission trip team.  This time, the question came to John’s mind that “maybe God is trying to tell me something; but He wouldn’t really care if I went or not.”

John talked with his friends and they encouraged him to follow through and inquire about the mission trip. To his surprise, the idea began to appear as something that just might happen, at least the beginning was doable. Excitement was beginning to rise up inside of him.

John began to think that he should have his affairs in order prior to going on this mission trip.  He thought a will might be good to have.  He remembered that he had met a man who was a lawyer, so he contacted him to write up a will.  Several days later, the lawyer called John up and invited him to go kayaking, something he really enjoyed doing.

While meeting with this lawyer, the topic came up regarding John thinking about going on a short-term mission team to hand out Galcom’s ImpaX radios. This idea stirred the heart of the lawyer, who wanted to know more details. This, in turn, led to the lawyer desiring to be part of the outreach by writing off one-third the cost of drafting John’s will and instructing him to take this money and use it to buy more radios, or use it in a way that would help with this trip and those in need.

God was definitely working out His plan to show John how valuable he is, and that God does care and will do things in our lives that we have never dreamed or imagined. He even opened the heart of the lawyer, as well, to be part of changing lives for eternity in a foreign land. God has now created an avenue for John to follow up on his return to share more exciting events of how God is working in people’s lives.

John is quite overwhelmed to think that God would do these things for him. Never in a lifetime had it ever occurred to him that God is so real and desires to bless us as we trust and follow Him. Shouldn’t we all be more confident in trusting God with His plans for our lives?


Name has been changed*

Children of the Bible, Part 16

Allan 2

Children of the Bible, Part 16 by Allan McGuirl

John 4:46-54

We have an exciting story today in our series, “Children of the Bible.” It covers only 11 verses in John 4:46-54. The first verse starts off with Jesus visiting in Cana of Galilee, not far from Capernaum, where Jesus had made a number of visits. Cana was well known for a number of events, including Jesus’ very first miracle of changing water into wine at a wedding feast. However, today we find something even more amazing happened. Jesus had been travelling from Samaria for two days before He arrived in Cana.

At the same time, there was a royal official living in Capernaum, about 16 miles away, whose son was seriously ill. The Bible says he was close to death. Many of you reading this can already sense the anxiety that this man was experiencing because you have been there. Perhaps you have been in the position of having a child who is extremely ill. You would do everything possible to care for him and nurse him back to health. This father was the same. No doubt he had sought out the best physician and tried all of the traditional methods. Nothing helped; his son was losing ground and there seemed to be little time left.

The official heard that Jesus had arrived in Cana and obviously had learned about many of the miracles and healings that Jesus had performed. Jesus was his only hope. I am sure he made that 6-to-8 hour trip in record time. He wasted no time in finding Jesus and presenting his request: “Please come and heal my dying son.” At that point, he was not even sure if his son was still alive, but Jesus was the only hope he had. He was scared, hopeful, desperate, anxious, and impatient for Jesus to move in the direction of Capernaum. Jesus’ next words are surprising: “Unless you people see signs and wonders you will never believe.” Jesus was not unaffected by this man’s situation. Instead, I believe He was nudging the man to exercise a deeper measure of faith. The man replied, “Sir, come before my child dies.” Here he was not just looking for a demonstration of Jesus’ power – he was looking to the only one who had the power to heal his son.

Jesus’ next reply is even more astounding: “Go, your son will live.” The Bible says that the man took Jesus at His word and departed. He could have begged Jesus to come anyway just to make sure. He could have taken Jesus’ words as a dismissal of his need. Instead, this father’s very act of turning around and heading back to Capernaum was the practical application of his faith. Jesus said it, I believe it, and therefore, I can count on it. That is faith. Hebrews 11:1 says, “Now faith is the confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.”

His trip back was just as hurried as his trip to Cana. I wonder how many times on the way home he rehearsed what Jesus had said. I wonder if his very conversation with Jesus, the Son of God, had affirmed his belief that Jesus could be taken at His word. I wonder, too, if doubt crept in and he worried that if he had just squandered the last few hours of his son’s life on a fruitless mission. He pushed the doubts out of his mind and held onto Jesus’ words, “Your son will live.” The journey was too long for him to make it back to Capernaum before nightfall. He resumed the trek the following morning and was surprised to see several of his servants hurrying down the road to meet him. They brought him the news, “Your son is living.” When he inquired about what time the boy became well, I believe he already knew.  They told him that the fever had left the day before around 1 o’clock, and he knew that was exactly the time Jesus said his son would live.

Friends, this man believed. And in verse 53, it adds that his whole household came to faith in Jesus. This is the greater miracle. The son was restored to physical health and strength, but his whole family also now inherited eternal life through faith in the Son of God. Their faith was in Jesus Christ, the only One who can cleanse us from sin and give us everlasting life. What an amazing conclusion to this account!

By the way, if you need prayer, please call us at 1-877-242-5266. You can talk to Rev. Tim Whitehead at extension 232, or me, Rev. Allan McGuirl, at extension 225. We would love to hear from you.

Road to Hope

The Road to Hope Marathon is a race along Hamilton’s waterfront and is a fundraising event that any runner or walker can get involved with.  The Road to Hope is actually the number one qualifier for the Boston Marathon!

Galcom International got involved with Road to Hope last year because of our work in Haiti. Galcom is blessed to receive some of the money that is raised on behalf of Haiti.

The race has a 1k for kids, a 5k and a 10k race.  Some of our staff members even run!  Our Executive Director, Tim Whitehead, ran the 10k last year and has been training again this year.  Other staff members will be tackling the 5k this year!  Also, a son of one of our Volunteer Area Representatives will be running the half marathon on Sunday.  Please pray for the group of Galcom staff that will be running as well as those who will be manning our booth!

This year’s Road to Hope is on November 5th and 6th.  Galcom will be participating on both days.  The 1K, 5K and 10K are on the 5th and the half marathon is on Sunday.

If you would like to participate by running, walking or donating, please go to the Road to Hope page:

Volunteering at Galcom

One of Galcom International’s unique volunteers is Ken Tompkins.  Ken has been volunteering full-time with Galcom for a number of years and processes all the audio files on site that are used for Galcom players.


After a request is made for a specific language, he first finds the audio from various websites and numbers it in the proper sequence. For the ImpaX radio, he will take either .wav or .mp3 files and first convert them into .flac (lossless) files, and then into .ogg files using a program called Stylus. Once they are in the right format the files are duplicated onto micro SD cards which are put into the back of the ImpaX radio players.

For audio Bibles, he takes .mp3 files and writes them onto the on-board memory of the player using a little program called Utility Programmer. Over the years Ken has gathered audio on thousands of languages and dialects, and now has full Bibles in more than forty languages, and the New Testament in hundreds.

He has access to teaching material that can be used along with the audio Bibles, such as J. Vernon McGee’s five-year radio program, “Through the Bible”. For pastoral training, there is also a program called “Mini Bible College”. These programs have been translated into many languages. Ken also has Bible stories and programs for children that can be utilized.

As you can tell, Ken, like all our volunteers, plays a crucial part in Galcom’s mission of proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ