Children of the Bible, Part 16

Allan 2

Children of the Bible, Part 16 by Allan McGuirl

John 4:46-54

We have an exciting story today in our series, “Children of the Bible.” It covers only 11 verses in John 4:46-54. The first verse starts off with Jesus visiting in Cana of Galilee, not far from Capernaum, where Jesus had made a number of visits. Cana was well known for a number of events, including Jesus’ very first miracle of changing water into wine at a wedding feast. However, today we find something even more amazing happened. Jesus had been travelling from Samaria for two days before He arrived in Cana.

At the same time, there was a royal official living in Capernaum, about 16 miles away, whose son was seriously ill. The Bible says he was close to death. Many of you reading this can already sense the anxiety that this man was experiencing because you have been there. Perhaps you have been in the position of having a child who is extremely ill. You would do everything possible to care for him and nurse him back to health. This father was the same. No doubt he had sought out the best physician and tried all of the traditional methods. Nothing helped; his son was losing ground and there seemed to be little time left.

The official heard that Jesus had arrived in Cana and obviously had learned about many of the miracles and healings that Jesus had performed. Jesus was his only hope. I am sure he made that 6-to-8 hour trip in record time. He wasted no time in finding Jesus and presenting his request: “Please come and heal my dying son.” At that point, he was not even sure if his son was still alive, but Jesus was the only hope he had. He was scared, hopeful, desperate, anxious, and impatient for Jesus to move in the direction of Capernaum. Jesus’ next words are surprising: “Unless you people see signs and wonders you will never believe.” Jesus was not unaffected by this man’s situation. Instead, I believe He was nudging the man to exercise a deeper measure of faith. The man replied, “Sir, come before my child dies.” Here he was not just looking for a demonstration of Jesus’ power – he was looking to the only one who had the power to heal his son.

Jesus’ next reply is even more astounding: “Go, your son will live.” The Bible says that the man took Jesus at His word and departed. He could have begged Jesus to come anyway just to make sure. He could have taken Jesus’ words as a dismissal of his need. Instead, this father’s very act of turning around and heading back to Capernaum was the practical application of his faith. Jesus said it, I believe it, and therefore, I can count on it. That is faith. Hebrews 11:1 says, “Now faith is the confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.”

His trip back was just as hurried as his trip to Cana. I wonder how many times on the way home he rehearsed what Jesus had said. I wonder if his very conversation with Jesus, the Son of God, had affirmed his belief that Jesus could be taken at His word. I wonder, too, if doubt crept in and he worried that if he had just squandered the last few hours of his son’s life on a fruitless mission. He pushed the doubts out of his mind and held onto Jesus’ words, “Your son will live.” The journey was too long for him to make it back to Capernaum before nightfall. He resumed the trek the following morning and was surprised to see several of his servants hurrying down the road to meet him. They brought him the news, “Your son is living.” When he inquired about what time the boy became well, I believe he already knew.  They told him that the fever had left the day before around 1 o’clock, and he knew that was exactly the time Jesus said his son would live.

Friends, this man believed. And in verse 53, it adds that his whole household came to faith in Jesus. This is the greater miracle. The son was restored to physical health and strength, but his whole family also now inherited eternal life through faith in the Son of God. Their faith was in Jesus Christ, the only One who can cleanse us from sin and give us everlasting life. What an amazing conclusion to this account!

By the way, if you need prayer, please call us at 1-877-242-5266. You can talk to Rev. Tim Whitehead at extension 232, or me, Rev. Allan McGuirl, at extension 225. We would love to hear from you.


Road to Hope

The Road to Hope Marathon is a race along Hamilton’s waterfront and is a fundraising event that any runner or walker can get involved with.  The Road to Hope is actually the number one qualifier for the Boston Marathon!

Galcom International got involved with Road to Hope last year because of our work in Haiti. Galcom is blessed to receive some of the money that is raised on behalf of Haiti.

The race has a 1k for kids, a 5k and a 10k race.  Some of our staff members even run!  Our Executive Director, Tim Whitehead, ran the 10k last year and has been training again this year.  Other staff members will be tackling the 5k this year!  Also, a son of one of our Volunteer Area Representatives will be running the half marathon on Sunday.  Please pray for the group of Galcom staff that will be running as well as those who will be manning our booth!

This year’s Road to Hope is on November 5th and 6th.  Galcom will be participating on both days.  The 1K, 5K and 10K are on the 5th and the half marathon is on Sunday.

If you would like to participate by running, walking or donating, please go to the Road to Hope page:

Volunteering at Galcom

One of Galcom International’s unique volunteers is Ken Tompkins.  Ken has been volunteering full-time with Galcom for a number of years and processes all the audio files on site that are used for Galcom players.


After a request is made for a specific language, he first finds the audio from various websites and numbers it in the proper sequence. For the ImpaX radio, he will take either .wav or .mp3 files and first convert them into .flac (lossless) files, and then into .ogg files using a program called Stylus. Once they are in the right format the files are duplicated onto micro SD cards which are put into the back of the ImpaX radio players.

For audio Bibles, he takes .mp3 files and writes them onto the on-board memory of the player using a little program called Utility Programmer. Over the years Ken has gathered audio on thousands of languages and dialects, and now has full Bibles in more than forty languages, and the New Testament in hundreds.

He has access to teaching material that can be used along with the audio Bibles, such as J. Vernon McGee’s five-year radio program, “Through the Bible”. For pastoral training, there is also a program called “Mini Bible College”. These programs have been translated into many languages. Ken also has Bible stories and programs for children that can be utilized.

As you can tell, Ken, like all our volunteers, plays a crucial part in Galcom’s mission of proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ

God’s Love For Kenya

There is an interesting story about Albert, a 90-year-old man who was a village elder.  He met a missionary from Canada when he was a teenager. This woman missionary came to Eldoret in Kenya, and Albert was saved through her ministry.  In later years, Albert learned that she was ill and raised enough money to come to Canada and visit her.

Let’s fast forward to 2015. A group of men from Mission Baptist Church in Hamilton went to Eldoret on a missions trip, met this man and heard his story (see the earlier blog – The Impact of Galcom Radios in Kenya).  The team asked him where his missionary friend was from, only to find out that this lady, who had the courage to travel alone to Kenya during the 1940’s, was from our very own city of Hamilton, Ontario.  Albert was given a Galcom radio so that he could hear the Gospel teachings from the local Christian radio station and hear the Bible in his own languages of Kalenjin and Swahili.

Connected to the story of Albert is the intriguing fact that one of Galcom International’s founders, Allan McGuirl, was inspired to build the GO-Ye solar radio in Kenya during the 1980’s.  Three large radio ministries had developed the “World By 2000” campaign, a plan to cover the entire world with Christian short-wave broadcasts by the year 2000. Allan thought this was a wonderful plan, but while in a remote Kalenjin village in Kenya he saw people who were needy, with no money, no radios and no electricity but with a definite need to hear the Gospel. It was during the Ethiopian famine and there was such poverty; there was no way these people had money to buy radios and batteries.  He realized that the world could be covered 3 times over with Christian broadcasts, but if no one owned a receiver they would never hear the message of Christ. When Allan got back to Canada, through much prayer, he developed the first fix-tuned solar radio. Following this, Galcom International came to be in 1989.

Without missionaries who are willing to go to faraway lands and without Allan McGuirl visiting Kenya, Albert would not have come to faith and would not be able to be discipled through a Galcom radio.

For Galcom’s history, check out our website at

Galcom’s 27th Annual Banquet

For almost as long as Galcom International has been an organization, we have had a celebration banquet every autumn. Guest speakers and inspirational musicians are invited to share with all who attend. In the past, we have had speakers such as Frank Drown. Frank Drown and his wife were missionaries to the country of Ecuador. In fact, Frank was one of the men that were asked to search for the bodies of Jim Elliott and the others that were murdered by Auca people in the late 1950’s.

This year’s banquet is only a couple of weeks away! It will prove to be another exciting banquet as the guest speaker is a longtime partner of Galcom’s from the sunny country of Belize. Clive Welsh first heard about Galcom when he met Allan McGuirl at an airport in Belize in 2005.  Allan was leaving Belize after putting up a radio station in the southern district in Punta Gorda. Clive shared with Allan their need for an antenna for his radio station, and Allan just happened to have one left over that he was bringing back to Canada!

Clive Welsh

In 2004, Lighthouse Christian Radio went on the air to reach both the visitors and the inhabitants of Ambergris Caye in Belize.  Since its inception, Clive has been at the helm as General Manager and Director.

Since Allan and Clive’s meeting, Galcom has supplied radios to Clive in order to share the Gospel with the people of Ambergris Caye in Belize. With Clive Welsh speaking, it will prove to be another compelling banquet!

If you are interested in coming to the banquet October 14th, 2016, please give us a call today for more details and to let us know you will be coming! Our number is 905-574-4626.



God Is In Control

We here at Galcom International have a large number of partners that we work with to spread God’s Word all over the world. We recently got an email from a partner in the DR Congo that had their home broken into.

Richard & Kathy McDonald.jpg

As many of you know, Galcom releases a quarterly newsletter with a prayer request for each day, and on the particular day that we heard about the break-in, the prayer request for that day was for these same partners in the DR Congo!   So, not only our staff prayed for them that day, but I am sure that all of our prayer partners did as well.  God knew that our partners would need prayer on that day and directed our staff member who writes the newsletter to enter their name on the day that they would need it the most. Praise the Lord, no one was hurt and not much was stolen!


If you are interested in receiving Galcom International’s quarterly newsletter, contact the office by emailing

Happy Birthday Galcom!

Co-Founders 2009

A few weeks ago, Galcom International celebrated its 27th birthday!  Have you ever wondered how this ministry started?  Well, here is a look back…

In 1985, God brought together three men that were in different circumstances.  One was a business man in Florida, one was a man in Israel who, with his wife, had just established a tent-making ministry manufacturing cell phone antennas.  The third was a man in Canada and was the Canadian director of Christian ministry there.

These three men knew nothing of each other but unbeknownst to them were burdened at the same time how to reach the unengaged people groups of the world for Christ.

The man in Canada was Allan McGuirl.  He had recently made a trip to Kenya and had been given the idea from God to provide a solar powered radio for people in remote villages around the world who needed to hear the Gospel.  During this same time, God had spoken to the man in Israel, Ken Crowell, about radio, as a medium which could and would reach the surrounding world with the Gospel.  The third man, in Florida, was a business man and finally the three men met and hammered out what is Galcom International today.  Of course, technology is changing at a breakneck speed and Galcom has been at the forefront of these changes!