Volunteer Appreciation Week

This week is Volunteer Week, and Galcom International is blessed to have a number of wonderful volunteers! Every one of them is gifted with different talents that can be used everywhere within the ministry. One of our faithful volunteers is Walter Dickson.

Walter 2015

Walter first became acquainted with Allan McGuirl in 1988 when Allan was the director of Gospel Recordings (now Global Recordings Network) in Hamilton, Ontario. Galcom International first started out in a church basement, and when we moved to 65 Nebo Road, Walter was available to assist in that move. Some years after that, Galcom was able to purchase a building just down the street. The building needed a great deal of work, in which Walter was able to assist.

Walter and his wife Dorothy had worked with OM Canada for three years and spent nine months in Iraq. Having experience in missions no doubt helped Walter appreciate Galcom’s ministry.  When he retired in 1995, he became a full-time volunteer for Galcom, coming in two days per week.

Walter has been on two mission trips with Galcom International. He went with a group from Philpott Memorial Church to Cali, Colombia to distribute Galcom radios/audio Bibles, and later he went with three other men to install a radio station in Pickle Lake, Ontario.

Last fall, his wife, Dorothy, began to volunteer at Galcom, as well.

Walter doesn’t just volunteer at Galcom! He keeps busy by volunteering at Hamilton’s Detention Centre, where he has been for 28 years.  He began by preaching on Sunday mornings and now has “slowed down” to running a Monday-night Bible study and spending Tuesday mornings ministering one-on-one to prisoners there.

On Friday mornings, one can find Walter and Dorothy at the Crossroads Communication Centre, where they volunteer as prayer partners for the TV show “100 Huntley Street.”

Walter and Dorothy have been married for 48 years; they have 3 adult children, 5 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren.  They attend West Highland Baptist Church in Hamilton, Ontario.

If you are interested in volunteering at Galcom International, please contact the office.

Sharing the Galcom Impact Out East and in Zambia

Galcom International relies on its many volunteers; not only the volunteers that physically come into the office and help assemble radios, but also volunteers who do not live nearby but are interested in Galcom and its ministry. They are known as Volunteer Area Representatives and they share the ministry of Galcom in and around the location where they live. These VARs will speak about Galcom in their local church, represent Galcom at conferences, and will sometimes go on a mission trip with Galcom staff members.

One of Galcom’s Volunteer Area Representatives that lives on the east coast of Canada is 12800319_10153412794276146_8769341682772857729_nDan Peacock. Dan has gone on previous trips with Galcom to Haiti and Indonesia.

This past spring, Dan was able to travel to Solwezi, Zambia to assist with a tower installation. He raised $2,500 for the trip with the help of his community and friends, as well as using the 10 per cent of his earnings which he saved in a peanut butter jar specifically for this mission trip.

During his stay there, he assisted with the installation of a 110-foot antenna tower, installation of a new transmitter, and helped with the maintenance at Solwezi FCC Radio, a Christian radio station.  Dan travelled alongside of Galcom’s staff member, Dave Casement. After arriving at Solwezi, the team and several local strong men began prep work for the tower (which was two weeks late arriving).

The men dug a hole by hand for the foundation. Following that, they positioned the rebar into the hole and then poured the initial slab of concrete.

The tower equipment arrived in one big box and once it arrived, the tower had to be assembled like a giant toy building set. Although the project was not totally completed during Peacock’s stay, the remainder of the team was able to stay in Zambia in order to finish the installation.

“In the end, even with many delays and setbacks, the work was completed and Solwezi FCC radio more than doubled its broadcast area. This means that the Gospel message is getting out to the people in Zambia,” said Peacock.

“These people here in Solwezi are facing many challenges in running the station. But at the same time, they are generous to the churches that we visited, doing what they can to help them build their ministries. It really impressed me that in the midst of their struggles they still reach out to help others. I hope that I can learn from their example. The three weeks that I spent in Africa will be a time I will not soon forget. Getting to know the people that I was working with left a lasting impression.”

4 Ways You Can Help During Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is just that: a day of the week, just before the Christmas season, that offers a chance to give financially. Giving Tuesday follows the American Thanksgiving and the well-known shopping days Black Friday and Cyber Monday.givtues-8

Although this is the fifth year of Giving Tuesday, it will be Galcom International’s second year celebrating it. Through social media, Giving Tuesday can harness the potential of people willing to donate to Galcom.

Here at Galcom, we call it Extreme Production Day. Last year we posted YouTube videos several times during the day. We wanted to make 1,000 radios in one day and raise $10 for each radio in donations, totaling $10,000. We didn’t quite make the goal of 1,000 radios, but we still were able to make over 700! These radios were made for a ministry called Every Village and were sent to South Sudan. Every Village matched the donations that were made to Galcom.

This year, as we launch Giving Tuesday, the radios produced will go to Belize. The goal is to make 500 radios in one day.

givtues-11How can you help?

  1. If you are in Hamilton, come help make some radios!
  2. You can also give a donation towards this order going to Belize so that we can send even more radios overseas.
  3. If you aren’t able to join us in-house, you can follow us on YouTube. We will be posting videos periodically throughout the day, and it would be great if you can share these videos with your friends.
  4. And the most important thing that you can do is to pray! Pray for the volunteers making the audio Bibles, and pray especially for the people that will be receiving the audio Bibles.

A Day in the Life

A typical day around Galcom International starts with corporate prayer (and devotions).  In fact, the whole ministry has been founded on prayer!  We not only pray for our corporate needs, we pray for each other in the Galcom ‘family’ and we even pray for people who send in prayer requests. (Yes, you read that right!  If you would like us to pray for you, send your email requests to cheryl@galcom.org)

img_1429After our devotions and prayer, it is right to work.  Because we are a small staff, everyone’s job is important, many people that are new to hearing about Galcom International are not
aware that we assemble radios right onsite in our Hamilton, Ontario office.  Along with the staff members who make radios, we are also blessed to have a number of faithful volunteers that come in to help us as well!  Quite often, we have a group of volunteers come in from a church or a school img_20160524_155314to help make radios.  We even take Galcom International on the road and bring supplies for making radios to churches or schools, so they can make radios at their location.

That is not to say that we are all about work with no fun here at Galcom.  We have fun too!  We have barbeques and potluck dinners and other fun events which makes our Galcom team closer, but our main focus is to get radios into that hands of people who need to hear the Gospel!  In fact, that is why Galcom is here.  The three men that founded Galcom had a vision and the staff, with God’s leadership and help, have learned how to run with it.